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Inia Light and Sound Meditation Teacher


In early March 2009, I received a “spiritual awakening” leading to a drastic shift in life in January, 2013 to pursue spirituality more also began looking into a variety of meditation techniques.

Having a strong connection to the Spiritual Hierarchy and following Their Higher Guidance, I was guided to seek initiation into Light and Sound Energy. I came across a meditation group based in Leeds and was initiated in 2016. After a year I than realised that change was needed for progression and that I was meditating on Physical Light and Physical Sound. It was then that the Spiritual Hierarchy guided me to leave that group and to find Mark.

I was given very detailed descriptions about Mark by the Spiritual Hierarchy and was instructed to contact him as soon as possible. Mark, someone whom I have never met before or ever known him in anyway during this lifetime. Shortly, I came across the “Pure Energy Meditation” website while searching and I recognised him so I contacted him. In September 2017 I was initiated by Mark and straight away the realisations I received were massively significantly different and for the first time I realised Spiritual Light and became aware of Spiritual Sound that was on a very much higher level than the inner sounds and light that I was experiencing before.

Kept close in touch with Mark until The Way Back was created in early 2018. My connection to the Spiritual Ascended Masters has strengthened deeply and in December 2019, I was guided to be part of the amazing teachers group of The Way Back, with a combined wealth of experience’s. And always helping others discover for themselves the truth which I wish you will discover for yourself which is truly profound.

Being part of The Way Back Meditation Team is very humbling, a very rare but unique gift which includes every single member of The Way Back, made up of a unique selection of beautiful, loving and wonderful people coming from all walks of life uniting together as ONE whom all meditate on Spiritual Light and Sound, who strive daily to live on The 6 Virtures.

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