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    As well as supporting your soul and spiritual journey these professionally printed books make a great gift for others. A paperback book is the ideal and are a lovely way of finding out more… enjoy and thank you!


    Paperback: The Way Back, The Six Virtues

    Companion: The Way Back, The Six Virtues

    A fantastic book that will help and guide you. I have read Mark’s previous books which have provided wonderful insights into the bigger picture and this book continues on this theme. When truly embraced I believe that The Six Virtues are something that are empowering and enable us to evolve in so many ways. Thank you for providing us with this.



    Another great book, very well written and easy to understand, the 6 virtues are all clearly explained. I’m still learning to “trust” so reading about how I can achieve this is very helpful. Looking forward to the next book.



    Thanks Mark for such a useful adjunct to your previous book. Really well written, clearly explained and so fascinating to read. For anyone wanting to know more about the truth and virtues please buy a copy. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.



    To put quite simply – another barnstorming piece of scholarly work by Zaretti. An absolute tour de force of moral, spiritual and philosophical thought… This book will no doubt become a game changer for many years to come – providing the spiritual guidance, or a detailed map on how to deal with the challenges of the 21st Century… a classic for the ages. My only criticism is his book leaves you wanting more.

    J Hodgson

    J Hodgson

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