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The Way Back Meditation Classes

Higher Light and Sound meditation represents the potential to take your consciousness beyond mind, body, and emotions and into higher spiritual awareness. These meditation classes are taught by experienced meditators who have practiced Light and Sound meditation themselves and wish to share it with others. If you have not yet got access to higher Light and Sound Energy then these classes will help you to learn how to become more present within your meditation and to connect with a much more profound level of stillness, preparing those who are ready for Light and Sound meditation. If you have already got access to Light and Sound Energy then these classes will guide you how to meditate on Light and Sound and help you to progress along your spiritual journey to Enlightenment.

You will be taught by an Enlightened teacher who has the ability to reveal spiritual awareness beyond mind, emotions and body awareness. For those of you who are ready this will resonate, because the Light and Sound energy is The Way Back.

Practical details and booking information:

Meditation With Elliot

Locations: Elliot is based in Canterbury, Kent.

Contact: please text/call Elliot on 07740 576554 to find out more details.

More info: find out more about Elliot.