Why Do Some People Seem to “Walk Away” From Their Spiritual Journey?

Earlier today I was asked a question by one of the teachers I work with. They are based in South America, where hundreds of people have recently been initiated into Light and Sound Energy. What she’s noticed is that some people have stopped meditating despite having access to this amazing energy, and being of a caring nature she is wondering why? Anyone who has finished their spiritual journey, having discovered their true nature and attained Enlightenment, which is absolute Love, is naturally saddened on a lower level, when people who have the same potential to make the realisations seemingly give up on their journey to discover absolute Love.

The goal of a spiritual journey is to discover ultimate Love, beyond limits, time and personality, which is the most amazing opportunity. When a person realises Enlightenment and integrates with it, then natural kindness and alignment with Love will lead them to want to share the opportunity with others, so they too can get to the end of their own journey. With kindness as a driving force it is therefore a worthwhile pursuit to try and understand why some people may “give up” without having made the final realisations, so that those people can be better supported.

You may be a teacher, or perhaps you are a meditator. You may be on your spiritual journey having received the Light and Sound Energy, or perhaps you are hoping to get the energy one day. Or maybe you’ve stopped meditating and are no longer actively on your journey.  Or maybe you are returning to meditation after many years away. There are so many situations each of us may find ourselves in at any one time. Despite these differences there are also many things all meditators share in common: we all did our first meditate at some time, taking our first steps towards inner stillness and Love. We each had a reason for exploring our higher nature. All of us had ideas, beliefs, expectations and motivations. Those who have already been initiated all have the same potential and all meditate on the same Light and Sound Energy. All of us, no matter where we are at this moment, are part of the whole and come from Love. When we think about it in this way then we are all very similar really. To understand our own journey and also to help those who welcome help, then there is value in exploring what might make one person walk away from spirituality and yet another one stay.

Although people may say “walk away” we have to remember that until Enlightenment the true nature of absolute Love is unknown. So if someone walks away from spirituality, then they are only walking away from their ideas and beliefs about it. A spiritual journey is the discovering of your true nature through meditation. Ultimately raising your consciousness until you transcend all limits and become Love. Enlightenment. It is beyond joy and bliss, and is the highest goal of human consciousness, setting your spirit free. The soul and spirit are aligned with Love, so it is only ever the personality of the person, residing within mind and emotions which can choose to “walk away” or “turn their back” on spirituality. But since the personality is not the part which becomes spiritual then it is more accurate to say they have “become distracted” by their personality, or that their personality has “lost its way“, as the spirit and soul are always aligned to Love.

Why do People Become Distracted or Lost on their Spiritual Journey?

Since spirituality is the pursuit of Unity and balance then it is those things in life which create division and imbalance that are most likely to distract people. Real examples include a person leaving because they don’t like their teacher; because they feel they are too busy in life to meditate; because their friend was no longer interested; because they struggle with meditation and don’t seem to be progressing. The list goes on and on and there can be many “reasons”. But rather than getting lost in the details of each reason, it is more useful to step away from the reasons altogether as these are not the underlying cause of the problem. For each reason given there are examples of other meditators who despite encountering those same challenges have persisted and attained Enlightenment, so the challenges are not themselves the cause, but rather the justification.

To get more perspective it helps to better understand what Initiation is and the potential it represents, and also the different aspects of “being human”. Initiation, as the word suggests is the beginning of the spiritual journey. During Initiation, your crown chakra is opened for the first time so that your consciousness has the potential to perceive Love in the form of Light and Sound Energy. This opening, which is now permanent, also creates the way for your spirit to escape from the lower vehicles of mind, body and emotions, into vast spiritual dimensions. Consciousness bound to spirit is drawn higher towards Love, As you expand and raise your vibration the Light and Sound Energy flowing from The Source, guides your consciousness and eventually your spirit returns to absolute Love, Enlightenment. The more you meditate and raise your vibration by letting go of your lower “personality”, then the more present you become in your higher consciousness beyond your crown chakra, and this consciousness is more aligned with Love.

Initiation is the start of this process and how easy you find it to become present and conscious in the higher spiritual dimensions really depends on your meditative ability. The amount of Love that flows back to your personality depends on how open your heart chakra is. This raising of your vibration happens as you let go of your lower vehicles enabling your consciousness to raise beyond your crown chakra. You can then perceive from neutrality the Light and Sound Energy.

If a person is not at ease in meditation and sitting in neutrality or has blocks in their energy system, then they may struggle to let go and become aware of the Light and Sound Energy. There are no blocks to the flow of Love and Light and Sound within the higher spiritual dimensions beyond the crown chakra. So any resistance or lack of ease in meditation always comes from below the crown chakra, within the lower vehicles that make up the personality. These lower vehicles include mind, emotions, body, aura, chakras and meridians.

Understand that everyone, no matter how high their spiritual vibration, still has these lower bodies, and every meditation starts below the crown chakra. However since each personality is different then some people may naturally need more guidance, support, and preparation than others in terms of becoming more balanced in these lower vehicles, making it easier to meditate and let go into Light and Sound Energy beyond the crown chakra.

Another difference between people is that different souls are at different vibrational levels depending on the lives they have lived before, and also the choices they are making in the life they have. The vibration of a person’s soul and consciousness determines their attraction to the spiritual journey. With each life our soul has the opportunity to learn lessons that can raise its vibration towards Love. Some souls will have a higher vibration than others. But remember that all souls matter, and all souls are part of the whole. When a soul reaches a high enough vibration then it will contain within its life-plan, the desire to become initiated, so it can start its spiritual journey. For this soul a life-plan will be created which will give it the chance to meet teachers who can share the Light and Sound Energy.

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Any human soul on earth can receive Initiation, since it is a gift of Grace given rather than a reward earned. The energy is from Love and so accepts all. Since everyone and everything comes from Love and is a part of Love then there is not a person alive that couldn’t receive Initiation. But if that person’s soul was not ready for Initiation, meaning their vibration was a little further from Love, then even if initiated they would not necessarily recognise the value of it, compared to a soul of a higher vibration. None-the-less they still would have access to exactly the same energy as everyone else and would have the same potential to progress, but their lower vibration may present more blocks and obstacles and make them less interested in spiritual awareness.

With so many teachers now able to share the Light and Sound Energy then many more people are being initiated. Since people generally don’t know if they are ready or not, and have no prior idea what Initiation and the spiritual awareness it can reveal is like, without finding out for themselves, then some people invariably will be initiated who were not necessarily ready, which is OK. Each person who receives the energy of Initiation has the same potential to progress.

Vibration and Motivation

The vibration of a person’s soul along with their life vibration, based on lessons learned and experiences in this current life, determine their general desire for spirituality. So when Initiation is offered to a range of people, some will have a strong desire for the truth and some will not be interested at all. But there are those in the middle who, though it is not in their life plan, will still be curious and want to explore Initiation.
Understanding a person’s motivation for wanting Initiation can help us understand what happens once they are initiated. Every person who wants Initiation is motivated by their belief, expectations, and ideas of what Initiation will do. The beauty of a spiritual journey is that ultimately these ideas and beliefs can be replaced with knowledge through experience, and ultimately “becoming” the state of Enlightenment. However for every single person the motives largely determine their drive and will to pursue their journey. Consider a person who’s soul, having raised its vibration over many lifetimes has “get initiated” written into their life-plan. They will naturally be driven by their higher self with an innate desire for truth and Love above all, and be naturally drawn to spirituality.
Lower down the vibrational spectrum consider a soul which is less evolved towards Love. They may still be attracted towards Initiation, but their motives may be less guided by Love. They may want Initiation to help themselves heal, or see it as a way to escape having to come back. They may desire the perceived power higher states of consciousness suggest, or they may want the status that they believe goes with having received the energy. As you can see these motives are more about self, but they can be equally motivating.
The reality is most people are somewhere between these two. Even a soul that is ready for Initiation is experiencing a life that can place all sorts of imbalances and obstacles in the way. So the motivation behind wanting Initiation will be a reflection of the vibration of the person and where they are in their personal soul evolution towards Love. There is no judgement from Love because every soul is on the same journey, and the souls that have a higher vibration were once souls with a lower vibration in previous lives. Every soul matters, and they are all here to learn and move towards a higher loving vibration.
Those teachers giving out the energy of Initiation, and those people receiving it are always doing the best they can from within the vibrational vehicles they have. The life they have now can also make a big difference. Any person can evolve their vibration irrespective of their starting point. Similarly any person may spiral down in vibration if they make decisions which move them further from Love. Putting it simply a person can rise above their ego or they can fall into it. Ego is a natural thing that comes from identifying with the limits of the lower vehicles. Sitting in ego simply keeps a person’s consciousness focused into the lower vibrations where ego resides. Love is the antidote to ego, letting go of personality. This really is the purpose of life down here on this dimension, to allow souls the freedom to explore the vibrational consequences of free will expressed through a personality, to learn from the outcome of choices, so that the soul can “learn” about Love within duality.
When a person is given access to Light and Sound Energy during Initiation, it represents potential and how well their motivation creates the will and desire will largely determine how well they embrace that potential. If people “give up” then it is not a failing of spirituality, which is a constant for all, but it means that their desire and will were not strong enough. Often the reason one person gives for “becoming distracted” away from spirituality will be similarly encountered by another person who chooses to overcome it. It simply comes down to “is realising truth more important than the reason to stop?

So what could we do differently as teachers trying to guide people towards Initiation?

(Although this is written from the teachers perspective, it is worth considering from the students perspective too. It is also of immense value to remember that in some ways we are all teachers and all students.)

Keep Advice and Guidance Honest and Based in Your Reality.

A person’s ideas, expectations and ultimately motivations for Initiation are largely based on the information they are given and the way it is presented. No amount of words can ever accurately describe Initiation and the potential it has. But the better informed a person is then the closer their expectations, ideas, and motivation for receiving Initiation will align with what they may experience.  We as teachers have a duty of care to portray the journey with honesty and integrity, avoiding sensationalisation and exaggeration, and remembering that above all this is a journey of dissolving into Love, rather than experiential phenomena. It is useful to teach from your own experience or else it is just a belief you teach.

Avoid Making State Changes the Goal

Because Initiation is a key event in a person’s spiritual development then it is often portrayed as a goal or landmark. This can lead to some meditators becoming “goal oriented”. In other words it becomes about getting initiated rather than about the journey that Initiation enables. Once the goal is achieved then a goal oriented person may loose interest, because their motivation was to achieve the goal of Initiation rather than to pursue the spiritual journey beyond Initiation. The same is true of Enlightenment. Make the pursuit of stillness and Love the goal rather than a specific event.

Make Sure They Value and Love What they Already Have

Meditation and spirituality is about Love and acceptance. So if a person is too goal oriented, “I want to get initiated right away!” then on some level they are rejecting the value of what they already have. Learning to love what is already present is a great preparation for Initiation and the greater states of consciousness which can follow. So when teaching and preparing people for Initiation and even for Enlightenment, one approach that may really help is to encourage them to find Love and joy in what they already have even if it is simply breath meditation. When we love something, then we want to merge with it. A person who loves breath meditation will naturally really let go into it, and will be more present within it. These meditative skills and the openness of being able to love and accept what is present will make it much easier for them to meditate on Light and Sound Energy. A person who is overly goal oriented may struggle to enjoy what they have as they are more focused on what they don’t have yet. Thus their impatience to progress means they are dismissing the value of the present over an ideal of the future. Any rejection or judgment takes a person further from Love. The importance of being able to value and love the present applies at all stages of a person’s spiritual journey, and even during a single meditate.

Understand Where the Enthusiasm Comes From.

When teaching and guiding people there can be a lot of Love and energy involved, as the vibration of consciousness of a teacher who already has access to the energy is very fast. People can get caught up in their teachers energy and enthusiasm. Ultimately however the enthusiasm has to be within the person seeking Initiation, otherwise without their teacher’s constant input they may loose their motivation and drift away. So as a teacher try to understand your own enthusiasm and to observe your students from neutrality, accepting them where they are and not projecting your enthusiasm for them to progress onto them. As a student make sure that it is your enthusiasm and you are not caught up in the identity or charisma of your teacher. If they were no longer available would you still want to progress? Would you seek another teacher?

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Understand Their motives

A person’s motivations are a reflection of their alignment with Love. As a teacher it is helpful to spend time understanding the other person’s reasons for wanting to be initiated. Remembering that all souls matter so there is no wrong or right, simply vibration. Are they “service to others”, or “service to self” in their thoughts, actions, and words? But you must also ask the same question of yourself and why you are teaching. Just as there are a spectrum of motivations for a person wanting Initiation, there are a spectrum of motivations for wanting to teach. Whatever you find (in yourself and others), it is simply a chance for you to choose to raise your vibration closer to Love. If the person wanting Initiation is coming from a lower vibration, then guide them in how to raise their vibration. A simple way of understanding motives is to notice if they are motivated by the lower vibrations of ‘fear and ego” or the higher vibration of “Love”.

Examples of motivated by Love:

  • “I want to make the world a better place”
  • “I want to bring light to the world to help humanity”
  • “I want to know what Love is and to bring it down”
  • “I want to help myself and others”

Examples of motivated by fear/ego:

  • “I don’t want to die”
  • “I don’t want to miss out on this”
  • “I don’t want to come back to this life”
  • “I want to protect myself with energy”
  • “I want to get initiated so I can run courses and get paid to teach meditation”
  • “I want to be the person that takes spirituality to my country”
  • “I deserve this”
  • “I believe I am special and this is my right”

Remember every soul is coming from the vibration that they have. Remember too that this is a journey of Love and the more aligned with Love a person is then the more ease they will have in integrating their lower self with the higher spiritual states that their consciousness can explore. So wherever a person, including yourself, currently is vibrationally, then we can choose to accept them (demonstrating Love) but also to guide them if needed in how to align more with Love. It may mean waiting a while before Initiating them, thus demonstrating kindness.

Make Sure the Person can Meditate with Ease

The ability of a person to let go and expand their consciousness allows them to explore the higher spiritual states and to become aware of Light and Sound Energy. If they struggle with meditation then you as their teacher may be able to help. But as a teacher you are also just a person doing your best, and your experience of meditation may be different from theirs. So ask questions, do not assume anything and encourage them to ask questions too. Also encourage them to challenge themselves and importantly to take personal responsibility for their journey. They can also ask for help from their Spirit Guide, even if they are not consciously in contact with them. If they don’t ask they will never receive the help that their Spirit Guide can give. Ultimately meditation is its own teacher, whether they are meditating on breath, mantra or Light and Sound Energy, by being present and neutral they can learn and explore. The Light and Sound Energy and the Love are a constant for everyone so encourage them to enjoy experimenting with what makes it easier to let go and raise their consciousness. Meditation should be enjoyable.

Each Meditator is Personally Responsible for Their Journey

It is important that each meditator understands that from the moment they receive the gift of Initiation, they now have the potential to realise Enlightenment without any further input from people. The Light and Sound Energy will guide the expansion of their consciousness. Their Spirit Guide and Light Being are with them throughout life to help support them too. Thus they have everything they need to progress within them. Go inside with humility and gratitude and learn.

A person who is centred in their own inner stillness, is then free to learn from others. A person who takes responsibility for their self, without “needing” others, is demonstrating Love, since ultimately nothing is external to Love and Love being complete, needs nothing.

The spiritual journey has the potential to reveal ultimate freedom, taking you beyond all limits, including your personality and time. Teachers and students, initiators and initiates are all part of the whole, they are one, indeed all souls are one. When a teacher helps a student or someone initiates another person, from the perspective of absolute Love, it is just yourself, helping yourself, only from within the illusion of ego are there limits and edges. The student and teacher have been guided together to allow one part of the whole to be given the energy by another part of the whole. It is a beautiful orchestration of Love. We are meant to learn from each other, so being self responsible does not mean that you don’t need help, quite the opposite, that you embrace help, because you have made Love your goal.

When a person is self responsible, then they are able to enjoy learning from others without needing perfection from them, and without loosing themselves in the interaction. If a person does not take full responsibility and ownership for their journey then they give their power over to their guru, teacher, or the group they meditate with. No guru, teacher, or group can ever be perfect and so the person will become distracted with the imperfections. If the group stops meditating, they will stop meditating, if they don’t like their teacher then they will stop. This is why the motivation, enthusiasm, desire, and responsibility for a person’s journey must sit within them.

Another way of saying it is that they must be “aligned with Love”. The soul and spirit are always aligned with Love, so when a person takes responsibility and owns their journey it must be done with Love (aligning with the soul and spirit) and not ego (aligning with the personality).

The message is that you are empowered. A person aligned with Love can freely work with and find the value of any other person, since Love provides no judgment, demands, or needs.

Those who are easily led by others will be easily led astray. Those who are easily led by their ego, will be easily led astray. Those who are centred in Love will stand firm and seek Love. Understand you are empowered and that this “power” comes from letting go into Love. The Light and Sound Energy guides you to Love. Your soul desires Love, your spirit is Love, your heart chakra lets Love in.

Help them to Raise Their Vibration

Some things like meditative technique can be learned and developed with practice, but raising your vibration is more deep rooted in the personality and lower vehicles. There are two ways to raise vibration, one is the spiritual journey where the spirit returns to source and the consciousness is expanded and raised. The other complimentary way is the soul evolution and learning how to let Love flow into your lower vehicles through embracing the qualities of humility, gratitude, respect, non-judgement, and unconditional love.

Without the spirit journey there cannot be Enlightenment, and without the soul journey there cannot be integration of the personality and spiritual states because the personality is not Enlightened. Vibration also includes their body and chakras. It is important that a person doesn’t have any heavily blocked chakras and that they have made life choices which support a more balanced energy, such as avoiding drugs, lots of alcohol and meat. The more we encourage those we guide to understand that “every choice is a vibrational choice” then the easier it becomes for them to be self-responsible for their own vibration.

Check with the Divine Intelligence Before Giving Them Initiation

The opportunity exists to check with Divine Intelligence before giving someone Initiation. You can do this by simply sitting in neutrality and asking your Spirit Guide to guide you as you dowse. To ask before-hand shows respect for the process, for the person who is to be initiated, and for the Divine Intelligence. Furthermore it helps all involved to value what is given. Ask the Divine Intelligence directly “Dear Divine Intelligence is this person meant to be initiated?”. If the answer is “yes” then you can check the timing, for example “Dear Divine Intelligence, are they to be initiated on date X?”. If no then It could be that they need more time to prepare. You can find your own way of asking as these questions are just a guide. Understand that there may be people who despite not having “get initiated” in their soul’s life-plan, are, as a result of the way they have raised their vibration in this life, still to be given the chance to receive the energy. So asking “is it in their life-plan?” may not be enough. If someone is not meant to receive the energy then we must respect this because it is simply not their time. If in doubt then check several times, always from absolute neutrality and also ask your mentors and other teachers to check for you.  There are other questions, so stay neutral and be open. For example you may find that the Divine Intelligence wants you to initiate someone sooner than you expect. Or that they may wish for that person to be initiated by another teacher. It is important to trust the Divine Intelligence, as they have clarity and the opportunity to receive the energy comes from them. Apon attaining Enlightenment there is just Love, and everything, including the Divine Intelligence is just a part of your true nature. Ultimately asking, is simply demonstrating that you trust one part of yourself to guide another part of yourself. Absolute Love is neutral and beyond questions and so the Divine Intelligence exists as a higher aspect of Love within duality, acting as the bridge between teachers in the lower dimensions and absolute Love. All of this is part of the whole and there is only unity, but our perspective depends on if we are looking from our lower self (personality) or highest self (Love).

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Provide a Support Network

The only blocks to the journey come from within the lower self, the personality and its vehicles below the crown chakra. Personalities are by nature incomplete as they are a limit and so each of us is meant to learn to become more limitless though experience and this includes experience with others. Every teacher was once a student, every student is also a teacher. In every interaction between people there is an exchange and a vibrational outcome. When we have contact with people of higher vibrations then it can help us to raise our vibration, our alignment with Love. It is important that, as much as is possible, people have opportunities to communicate with other meditators. Even if the communication is not face to face.

At this time there are many ways to keep in touch remotely such as online video chats, messaging applications, emails, text, phone calls, even sending letters. Encourage meditators to have peers, mentors and other teachers whom they can interact with. Also encourage them to meditate with each other regularly and to discuss their meditation without judgement. As a person becomes more centred and awake in their spiritual nature which is beyond personality then they may have the realisations that they are Love and that they are never alone. But the lower personality is where challenges arise and it is the personality which needs the most support. The more people communicate, share and demonstrate Love to each other, the more they are supported, and also have the chance to support others. There is no right or wrong way, just find the way that works for you and where you can reach out to support others.

What Happens if Someone is Initiated Who is Not Ready?

Every person who is initiated acts as a channel allowing more Love and Light to come down into these lower dimensions. Having had their crown chakra opened they still benefit and have the potential to explore higher consciousness. If they choose not to carry on with their meditation then their crown chakra will eventually shrink but they will still be connected.

The giving of the energy should be respected by all involved and it is better that someone has the opportunity than never. The soul and spirit are aligned with Love so if a person has received the energy but is distracted away from pursuing Love, then the distraction comes from their personality.  This is why it is important to support the personality and to prepare people as well as possible. Each person is ultimately responsible for their part. The guidance here can help. But as teachers too we must understand that there is no failure, just learning. Each person who gets the energy has been given a gift. If they Love the gift and pursue its path then they will discover and become unconditional Love, Enlightenment. But no one can walk that path for them, it has to come from within. The guidance above can help you as teachers and you as students to be more ready for this journey. Ultimately the state of Enlightenment, The Source, is already perfect and already complete. It does not need anyone to recognise it, to validate it or experience it. The gift of the potential to realise Enlightenment is a pure gift of Grace, of giving without needing.

A Reminder of Practical Considerations About Initiation

As has been mentioned elsewhere there are a few situations where it is inappropriate to Initiate someone. If they are too young and their chakras are still forming. If they are pregnant or trying to conceive. Or if they are stuck in negativity (such as deep depression). Negativity makes it hard for people to let go into meditation as it is the opposite of Love. They are unlikely to experience or be aware of much in their meditation and expectations may lead to disappointment which itself feeds the negativity. It is not the energy creating a problem but rather their negative state. Since everything is about vibration then a person who is in a negative state is simply not ready for Initiation or meditation. They first need to raise their vibration starting with their mind, emotions and body. Once these lower vehicles are more balanced then gentle breath meditation can be used to help them recover more. But Initiation should not be used as a magic bullet to try and cure people. It is not kindness to do so.

What Happens if People Leave Once They Have Got the Energy?

People are going to leave, it is important to do your best but to not take it personally. Sit in neutrality and be open to any lessons that are to be learned. Sometimes too people leave and they then realise what they have lost and they come back. Perhaps they started for the wrong reasons, but in leaving they have had a chance to reflect and now return for the right reasons.

There are many teachers able to reveal Light and Sound and there is a difference between someone leaving a teacher and someone leaving their journey. People must understand that they are free to work with who they wish. If having been “initiated” you find you are not progressing and your teacher seems unable to help then you can leave and find a different teacher who can help. Your loyalty should never be to a person, but to the truth. An Enlightened teacher who is integrated with Love does not own their students or demand their loyalty since they teach from Love and compassion.

Each person who receives the Light and Sound is free to choose what they do, and their choices are a reflection of their vibration at that time and will also alter their vibration. Love is neutral and there is no judgement. The guidance above may help to prepare and support people as well as to help you better understand your own choices. This amazing journey can be described simply as choosing to move towards Love. Every choice can be understood most easily in terms of vibration: “Does this move my vibration towards Love or away from Love?”. Light and Sound is the highest vibration a person can experience of Love. Enlightenment is becoming Love.

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