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The Role of Grace, Humility and Love on a Meditation Journey to Enlightenment

The other day was a landmark day, someone very close to me completed their journey in the sense that they realised their enlightenment. Although I wasn’t the person who was “sitting them down” I was working with the person guiding them. What that involved was being able to be still and go on the inside to check the progress of the person sat in meditation. For example to check were they sitting in stillness? Were they at ease letting go? Was there any advice they needed? Also to confirm that they had progressed as they went through the different levels towards realising enlightenment since there are landmark realisations that people can experience. Like other advanced light and sound meditation teachers I can do this by being present on the inside since I have already made these realisations myself.

How Does A Meditation Teacher Know How You Are Doing In Your Meditation?

There are two ways I usually do this, the first is to “connect” with the person meditating so I get a sense of how they are. The second way involves being extremely neutral and asking of the intelligences that exist on the spiritual levels and being able to receive the information they send. It really does require the ability to sit in neutrality and “neutrality” is really just another word for “LOVE”.

To be still, not biased, not expectant and just receive information in a way different from how you or I normally receive information with our senses and mind down here. It takes a bit of practice and one of the key things I really learnt, as I started working this way was “HUMILITY“.

Later on in that same day I was teaching a meditation class in which two of the people present had recently gained access to spiritual Light and Sound energy, a process called “first initiation”. They are now connected to this energy and can meditate on it. Another person there has yet to receive the energy but is very much getting ready and is having a great time exploring breath meditation and how to become stiller. Hopefully she will receive the energy soon.

What Does Love Really Mean Spiritually?

A constant theme that comes up in response to my students questions and those asked by others is “LOVE“. But it’s very easy to wave the “L” word around and the danger is that it becomes a cliche such as stereotypes like “it’s all Love man!“. Cliche or not, people can grasp the concept philosophically too but beyond an idea or belief what does “Love” actually mean? How do we apply it in meditation (and life)?

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Running in parallel with this are questions like “What is humility?” and “What is Grace?“.

Everything Starts With Grace

Let’s consider Grace first. Grace is when something is given, so if you’re on the receiving end of grace then it’s because something of value is being given to you which you didn’t earn, you don’t necessarily deserve it or are worthy of it. It is given to you as a supreme act of kindness.

The highest grace a person can be given is when the higher intelligences, those spiritual beings which are spiritual teachers on the highest planes, transmit and make the connection of source energy to you in the process I refer to as initiation. It is pure grace because there’s nothing you, I or anyone else does that makes us deserving and worthy of or having earned the right to be initiated. It is grace, it is a gift of kindness, not payment for deeds done or thoughts had.

Humility Receives Grace

Humility allows Grace to flow with ease but even someone lacking in humility can receive grace since grace is given not earned. But humility does not earn grace otherwise it would become an act to try and gain something. Humility isn’t something that can be faked or intellectually learned. It is a shift in a person when they come more from their heart. They become humble to the point where they understand what grace is. Spiritual grace starts with being connected to and having revealed spiritual consciousness which manifests as Light and Sound energy (initiation).

Is Being Lowly and Putting Yourself Last the Same as Humility?

Lack of Self Esteem is Not Humility

I have been asked about how to be more humble and it’s a journey for us all if we choose it. It’s a fine line because you don’t want to become self-deprecating. If a spiritual guide wants to give you grace then to turn around and say “no I’m not worthy” is actually criticising and judging their decision. But if you are saying “I deserve this and I’ve earned the right” then you’ve gone too far in the opposite direction. Gratitude and humility are the qualities that best befit a person who is given grace. It can be a little counter intuitive.

But if you really appreciate it and trust it, for example if the intelligence in the universe wants to help you it would be at some level an act of ego to say “no” or to question the wisdom of the universe. Humility is understanding what grace is and being open to receive it without it being translated into something by the ego “I deserve it” or “I earned it“. But equally not running oneself down.

To be humble is to be aligned with Love and to know that everything is precious, including yourself.


Putting yourself down isn’t being humble, it is not embracing Love, it is rejecting something in that you are rejecting yourself. Humility is allowing oneself to recognise grace and be in awe of it.

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love Love LOVE (and the EGO)

I’ve touched on Love, and in one way Love is accepting all things. In meditation sometimes people Love their meditation, they Love the experience but they don’t necessarily Love themselves. If they reject and do not Love themselves or a part of themselves then they are rejecting part of the whole, part of the universal oneness. So there is nothing spiritual about putting oneself down or placing oneself above another. Equally trying to destroy the ego is also rejecting a part of the oneness of being.

The ego is not evil. Ego is the label given to the phenomena of the lower vehicles (personality) and their desires, needs and wants. Really it is best to just be recognised and accepted. Love is not a process of judgement, in fact any judgement is not Love. So when people say “your ego gets in the way” or “you must kill the ego to become spiritual” it is not really correct although it may be well intentioned.

I say this because what is spiritual is beyond the ego, the ego will never be Enlightened and Enlightenment will never be contained by the ego. You transcend the ego and the ego is just a part of the whole. But it is useful to recognise what the ego is and to recognise its forms so that as you meditate you are able to come from a space/stillness where you can accept the ego but the ego doesn’t touch your stillness. This becomes easier with the expansions you get as you meditate on faster spiritual energy (light and sound meditation). This spiritual energy has nothing to do with the ego and so you haven’t had to kill the ego off, you are simply identifying with something that is faster and more connected to Love. You have transcended ego.

Where Does The Energy Come From To Become More Spiritual?

So as a person progresses on their journey towards enlightenment it is helpful to remember where the energy comes from. It comes from the directed intention of higher beings (or a living master if one is present). They coordinate the flow of this energy and then work with us so that we can return to the source. Whether people are aware of them or not, these beings/ascended masters/lords of light are guiding us and working with us.

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The ultimate grace is to realise your Enlightenment and the ultimate humility is to recognise that it is not the ego that achieves it, we didn’t deserve it rather it was a gift of LOVE which was given. Enlightenment really is “the beginning” and humility and a loving nature really help define what happens next.

What is The Point of Enlightenment?

Upon realising Enlightenment and even upon first initiation, I realised that there was a responsibility and choice to channel that Love (energy) back into creation, to heal, to give, to care, to demonstrate kindness and Love. These things stem from humility and they don’t happen without conscious cooperation of the lower vehicles.

If the ego is what is driving a person and they are saying “I’ve got this energy because I deserve it and I am amazing“. Such a person will absorb the Love but they won’t be inclined to pass it on. They will be oriented towards service to self.

By contrast the person who is driven by humility says “I understand that I am part of a bigger picture, that I am part of a whole and that whole is Love. Through these limits of my personality I will gladly receive that Love and I shall pass it on by demonstrating caring, kindness, compassion and humility“. They will be oriented towards service to others.

Humility Opens the Channels For More Love in Your Life

Having realised Enlightenment back in 2009 I’ve had many years to learn more about this new state and I can say from my own experience that the more humble I am then the more I can work to channel energy, Love, information and guidance and that far from being an onerous task or chore it is actually a joy and a real pleasure to be able to do so.

I wish I’d really understood the relationship of Grace, Humility and Love sooner in my journey, which is why I’m sharing these insights here. I’m not saying that what I’ve written above is set in stone, far from it. These are just words and whether you agree or not what is most important is that you explore yourself and find out what they mean for yourself.

A Nice Little Meditation Exercise

Next time you sit to meditate notice what changes when you have the deliberate intention to become more humble or more giving or more loving… this is where the magic grows.

In peace, humility and love
Mark x

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