The Importance of TRUST on Your Spiritual Journey

In 1974 a man called John Yarr was initiated into Light and Sound Meditation and soon realised his Enlightenment. By 1975 he was teaching as a true living spiritual master able to initiate and Enlighten people. What he gave was the revelation of Light and Sound and with that he expected a certain commitment. People would meditate for at least 2 hours a day, 6 hours each weekend and at least a couple of full days per month, even before getting initiated (receiving access to Light and Sound energy). Once they were initiated they were expected to meditate regularly, and after many years, sometimes 10, 12, to 20 years, people, if they were dedicated, would attain Enlightenment and that was the “end” of their spiritual journey.

Over a period of about 40 years approximately 600 to 800 people got the energy and many attained Enlightenment. But the planet needed more Light and so about 3 to 4 years ago, the Spiritual Hierarchy started working directly with a number of people that John had Enlightened. The Spiritual Hierarchy taught them how to initiate people into Light and Sound and how to guide them towards Enlightenment. But because the planet needed more people with access to the energy then unlike John Yarr’s approach which was seen very much like the meditation commandos, the elite, very dedicated, fully committed, the bar to entry was lowered. So people weren’t expected to do long meditates or a couple of hours a day. Half an hour to an hour a day was seen as enough and instead of long meditates every week, maybe once or twice between state changes was all that was encouraged. Other rules such as diet and lifestyle were relaxed as well to make it as easy as possible for people to start on this journey. As a result many thousands of people across the planet got access to Light and Sound energy. At some events 500+ people were given access to the energy, each one in the traditional way by touch.

But getting access to Light and Sound energy is not realising the full potential. At the same time as the Spiritual Hierarchy started working with a number of people around the planet, they also gave us very clear guidance in terms of the Book and follow-up channellings which in particular referenced and made it very clear that the five virtues of Humility, Gratitude, Respect, Non-judgement, and Unconditional Love were as important to be pursued as the Light and Sound, if a person was to fully integrate with this amazing state of Light, Sound and ultimately Enlightenment.

Whereas John revealed the Light and Sound but provided very little guidance other than on sitting down and meditating, with this new information and approach, the meditator was able to not only meditate on Light and Sound and progress very quickly to Enlightenment but to learn importantly how to fully integrate with their states of consciousness.

Although it is amazing to realise Light and Sound and ultimately the state of Enlightenment it is not the full picture. For those who are dedicated then the opportunity exists to fully integrate with their state, and through practicing the virtues, learn how to work with and communicate in an unambiguous way with the Spiritual Hierarchy. Becoming part of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and doing their work on the earth at this time. For this to happen it is vital you embrace all of the virtues and one of the ways that people hold themselves back is to not trust.

It is easy to accept what you can see and touch, but it takes trust to accept that which is not yet within your awareness. But you cannot say you are humble, that you are grateful, that you are respectful, that you are non-judgemental, or that you are unconditionally loving of the guidance and the support that the Spiritual Hierarchy give, and yet at the same time not trust them. A lack of trust manifests as “fear and doubt”. For example when a person is given direct advice and guidance from the Spiritual Hierarchy, if that person then starts to question the guidance and focus on the obstacles and their own doubts, then they give energy to the obstacles and doubts and they are demonstrating that they do not trust that the Spiritual Hierarchy can support them. So a lack of trust is effectively rejecting the spiritual hierarchy.

“To not have trust is a sign that a person is lacking in the virtues.”

Mark Zaretti

To understand this is important because it gives you a tangible way of recognising when you are drifting out of alignment from the virtues. When people first learn about the virtues they initially grasp them intellectually and philosophically, but it takes a deeper desire and will to really start living them within your core, nurturing them in your heart. This is where trust, or lack of trust, can be a valuable indicator of where you are in your own spiritual integration of the virtues. If you find yourself struggling to trust higher guidance, or you are giving in to your own fears and doubts about change, then this feedback provides you a way of recognising that you may be out of alignment from the virtues. If this does happen simply stop, be kind to yourself, and forgive yourself because fear and doubt are a natural aspect of the lower personality (ego). But have the intention to change direction, raising above your lower personality and ego and more into your heart and higher Love.

Once you spot a problem then you are empowered to do something about it. Ask your guide to help you to embrace the virtues and to strengthen your trust. There is so much you can do within your meditation and also in everyday life to start more fully living the virtues. Starting with a strong intention, coming from a stance of Love is a good place to begin.

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