Love Orchestrates Harmony: Notes on the Spiritual Journey to Unity

In the channelled book “Guidance for the Seeker of TRUTH” and in previous articles you may have read about the Spiritual Hierarchy. The word hierarchy suggests different levels and different vibrations, which from an energy perspective is true. There are different vibrations throughout duality and within the Spiritual Hierarchy there are correspondingly different roles and levels. This concept helps you as people within the lower dimensions understand the “structure” of the universe and spiritual dimensions. For example your Spirit Guide is on a higher vibration than you, compared to the vibrations of your intuition, mind, emotions and physical body. Understanding this provides the basis of your trust to follow your Spirit Guide. This trust is born of the understanding that your Spirit Guide, being of a higher vibration is closer to Love. This is true, but you must understand that Love is the principle which manifests and pervades every dimension, including where you are now. So in this way you and your Spirit Guide are also connected and are part of a larger whole. As you progress on your spiritual journey, having received initiation, the vibrational awareness your spirit can have may go beyond the realms of your Spirit Guide, and yet your guide can and will still guide you. Being more clear your Spirit Guide will guide your soul on its journey. Your spirit is something separate from your soul and both are vital and both are amazing. So even when your spiritual awareness is higher than your Spirit Guide, your guide still has a role. It can get confusing, especially as you try to understand how your Spirit Guide works with all the other parts of the Spiritual Hierarchy, such as the Lords of Karma, Ascended Masters, Lords of Light and so forth.

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Each part has its role and each part has its vibration. Human nature can naturally lead one to ask, “which part is more important” or “how do I relate to them?”. Imagine an orchestra with different instruments. The cello makes a very low vibration compared to the violin. The kettle drum is deeper than the triangle. String and wind instruments can hold a note wheras percussion instruments create a beat. Each instrument has its role. Which is more important? They are all important. It is impossible to make harmonious music without all the instruments playing together in a cordinated way. Some stop to allow others to be heard, some harmonise, and some create contrast, but they are all needed. Following the orchestra analogy, each musician understands their part, whether they understand the full picture or not. If one musician is out of sync then the music doesn’t flow.

We have communicated the importance of the qualities of humility, unconditional love, respect, non-judgementalism, and gratitude. These qualities help you to become more able to meditate, to channel Love, healing and Light, and to enjoy life. But being told to “be more humble” or “show unconditional love” can feel like being talked down to, or being controlled, and this can have a negative outcome on the human condition. Being told to “foster gratitude” can be translated by the ego as “you are not grateful enough”. Whether it is true or not, the personality may feel worse as a result and although feelings are not the highest vibration you can experience, they are important because negative feelings can hold you back. So we want you to better understand these virtues and why we bring them to your attention. These qualities are how the different beings within the Spiritual Hierarchy relate to each other. There is no “looking up to”, “answering to”, “lording over”, or “being in awe of” other beings. It is simply that each spiritual being has unconditional love for every other being. Each spiritual being has respect for every other being. Each spiritual being is humble before every other being. Each spiritual being is non-judgemental towards every other being. Each spiritual being has gratitude for every other being.

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These qualities or virtues describe the way the different spiritual beings interact with each other and you. All are born from Love and are a demonstration of Love. Imagine that there is no ego, no emotions, and no agenda other than to honour Love. The orchestra works together out of Love, not out of fear, competition or ego. But what of the individual beings within the Spiritual Hierarchy? Each being has unconditional Love for itself. Each spiritual being has respect for itself. Each spiritual being has humility about itself. Each spiritual being is non-judgemental towards itself. Each spiritual being has gratitude for itself. Each is a part of the whole and how they are towards other parts is how they are to themselves because they know they are part of a whole.

Now consider what it is to be a human born into a world of duality and division. You are not them, others are different from you. You can experience fear, mistrust, judgement, loss. The illusion of separation can make you believe you are alone. Your mind, emotions and personality which create your ego can turn you inward into “self” focus and build walls between you and others. Now imagine a world where you “know” there is no separation, that how you act, think, feel and communicate affects everyone else and yourself. Imagine a world where everyone knows they have a Spirit Guide and that they come from Love. It is our desire for the world and every soul on it to make beautiful music, to be in harmony. Each of you comes from Love and is the result of Love manifesting into creation. You are not separate from the Spiritual Hierarchy, you are consciousness within the manifest dimensions. Just as different parts of the Spiritual Hierarchy are at different vibrations so to you are present at different vibrations but it is all an extension of Love. Those souls who act as Spiritual Guides for people alive at this time were once souls that walked on earth within the illusion of separation, an illusion which was necessary for each soul to learn and raise its vibration more towards Love. Everything is perfect and everything is as it is meant to be. Manifest creation is not a mistake, it is the emanation of Love into lower vibrational planes.

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The more you are humble about yourself, before fellow souls on earth, and about your part within the overall big picture then the more you move with Grace. The same is true of the other virtues and qualities. The more you practice unconditional love towards yourself, towards others, and the Spiritual Hierarchy then the more you allow unity, connectedness, and Love to manifest into your life. The more you respect yourself, those around you, and the Spiritual Hierarchy, then the more you are connected and align with Love and your life’s purpose. The more you are non-judgemental of yourself, of others, and of the Spiritual Hierarchy, then the more you find truth and allow yourself to move towards the truth that we are one. The more you are grateful of yourself, of others, and of the Spiritual Hierarchy, the more you open up to the flow of Love between all things. So you see that the Spiritual Hierarchy’s desire for people to practice these virtues and qualities is not a mandate passed down to humans from the Spiritual Hierarchy, neither is it judgement, punishment or criticism. Rather it is guidance to help you to live in tune with the natural order of the spiritual dimensions. Disorder and suffering comes from letting the illusion of separation dictate an ego-centric life which has fear at its core. These qualities and virtues are not a burden to limit your life but the ticket to set you free. They are the way all the parts within the whole naturally create harmonious music and a reminder to you that you can be part of this beautiful orchestra conducted by Love.

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