How Do You Know if You’ve Progressed to the Next Step in your Spiritual Journey?

Through various meditation techniques you can explore different levels or vibrations of awareness within your subtle bodies. These bodies include your physical, etheric, emotional (astral), mental (mind), higher mental, intuitive and atmic vibrations. Although exploring these vibrations is amazing and provides many insights into human nature, allowing you to become more self-aware, the true meaning of a spiritual journey really only starts beyond the awareness you can have within these lower vehicles. So what is spiritual progress?

How Does a Spiritual Journey Start?

The spiritual journey starts with a process called Initiation, which literally means “to begin”. During this energy changing process a person who already has access to spiritual vibrations (the Initiator) acts as a conduit for Divine Intelligence to open your crown chakra and create a new spiritual body for you. This spiritual body or vehicle, allows your spirit to be present on the faster spiritual dimensions. Once you are aware within these higher dimensions the higher Light and Sound Energy which comes from Love acts as your guide towards Enlightenment. Without this spiritual body you would not be able to be present on, or aware within, these higher dimensions, in the same way that without a physical body you would not be able to be present or fully aware on this physical plane.

Having been initiated, your now open crown chakra allows realisations and Love to flow from the higher dimensions into your lower vehicle awareness. Thus Initiation gives your spirit access to be present within spiritual dimensions while allowing your mind, body, emotions and other lower subtle vehicles to be supported by the flow of Love from these higher dimensions. It is a positive situation for your lower self which was there before, and your new spiritual self which starts with initiation. The latter supports the former and all are included in the process.

The Potential for Spiritual Progress Comes from Initiations

As described above spiritual Initiation allows you to be “present” and “aware” on higher spiritual dimensions. Once initiated a second initiation allows you to transcend the vast spiritual dimensions revealed upon first Initiation. With second Initiation you may expand further to go beyond your mind altogether into a great state of being. Finally the third initiation takes you beyond all vibrations into the pure state of love, which can be called “Enlightenment” or “God Realisation“. This is not an experience, it is not within your mind, it is the absolute state of Unity, which is eternal and limitless.

Being “present” is not the same thing as being “aware” although you can only be aware within the vibrations where you are already present. So when you are given the energy of an initiation, you can become present on a higher level, but you may not be aware of it straight away. So generally teachers talk about a person “realising” their state only when they are both present and aware. Once initiated you have the potential to be present within spiritual dimensions, but it is only once you have made certain key realisations, that come with being aware that you are considered to have “realised your state”.

How Do You Realise You Have Gone to a Higher Spiritual Level?

Upon first initiation your crown chakra is opened and the new spiritual bodies are available. This happens whether you notice anything or not. By meditating and letting go of inner attachments during the initiation process you can be more present and aware within these higher spiritual dimensions. By being present and aware, you will then have realisations about this new spiritual state of awareness. Having been given these new spiritual bodies and then being aware through them you are said to have gone through a “state change” as you have new levels of awareness. The “state” is a way people refer to the overall potential scope of the higher dimensions they can access. The state of Enlightenment contains all, the state of Second initiation is beyond the mind, the state of First Initiation is awareness of spiritual light and sound energy.

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The process of going through a state change is thus:

First Initiation:

  • The Initiation energy opens your crown chakra and creates your spiritual body simultaneously.
    You are guided by the light to explore these new higher dimensions and to become aware of spiritual light and sound.
  • If you are able to be present and aware then you have realisations about the nature of these higher dimensions.
  • After initiation you can explore these spiritual dimensions as well as your lower subtle bodies, which were there before.
  • Meditation becomes the practice of letting go into these higher dimensions and giving your full attention to the light and sound energy which guides you.

Second Initiation:

  • The Initiation energy creates the potential to be conscious in even higher spiritual dimensions.
  • The light energy and the sound act to guide your awareness into these higher dimensions.
  • By letting go within meditation you progress and are then present in these higher spiritual dimensions.
  • Being present you can become aware and realisations will follow.
  • Meditation then becomes the practice of being the state of Second Initiation and giving your attention to light and sound energy along with a much more profound level of stillness, unlike anything ever experienced before.
  • There is no real sense of the person(ality) in this state, rather a vast beingness.


  • The 3rd initiation energy creates the potential to let go beyond all dimensions, including spiritual ones.
  • Love in the form of grace from God guides your awareness beyond duality towards Unity.
    By letting go within meditation your spirit connects with Unity.
  • Now that your spirit and The Source have joined realisations will follow. Your spiritual journey is complete and you are now able to start fully living a life of love.
  • There is much you can now do and you can still explore every single vibration as your spirit and The Source are one and there is nowhere you are not.

For each initiation there is an element of “process” and “participation”. The process is done to you and opens the crown chakra and creates the potential. Whereas your participation allows you to explore your new potential so that you are present there. Once present you can then become aware within the state, so that you have realisations. There is a difference between having been given the initiation, having been present, and having realised.

Each follows the one before it and it is not guaranteed that a person will become present and realise, only if they are able to let go within their meditation. Humility, gratitude, unconditional acceptance and love are the keys to letting go. You cannot force the states to fit into your personality, ego and limits, you must let go of your ego and limits to realise the states. It is your ability to let go and your desire to return to God that can be considered your level of “spirituality”. The more spiritual you are the stronger your desire to spiritually return to God, driven ultimately by love.

Having made the realisations about a state change you will know that something is different but depending on how many realisations you had and what your level of inner clarity is, then you may be unsure as how to interpret these spiritual expansions, since interpretation happens within your mind which is not spiritual, and did not have the expansion. The states do not come with an instruction manual and there are no sign posts on the inside. Realisations happen only because of contrast and awareness. For example you can only experience darkness because it is the contrast to light. Without light there is no dark and no opportunity for realisations about light and dark. Without heat there is no cold. So your mind grasps at realisations by contrasting things to its previous experience and may not have enough context to fully understand the realisations it receives. So someone who has just realised second state may be confused. They will know that something has happened but they may lack the contrast or context to fully understand what has happened. For this reason they may rely on their teacher to confirm whether they have made the state change or not.

It is important to understand that at each stage there are key realisations you can make, but with subsequent meditations you can further expand into your state. Further realisations come as you “grow” into the potential of your state through meditation. If you have not fully grown into your state at the time of being Initiated to progress (second or third initiation) then the expansion which comes from the Initiation may help you expand into your existing state before then expanding into the new state. For example if you are a second stage meditator, you may have grown to be aware of 50% of your state. As you are given third Initiation to create the potential to realise Enlightenment then before expanding into Enlightenment you may first experience the remainder of the state of second. Even within this there can be massive expansions and so when sitting for Enlightenment you may think “wow that was a massive expansion, that must have been Enlightenment!” but it may just be the contrast between 50% awareness of your state of second and 100% awareness of your state of second. It is not unusual for people to believe they are Enlightened during second stage because second stage is so vast and still.

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How Does Your Meditation Teacher Confirm your Spiritual Progress State Changes?

There are 2 main ways to confirm a state change as you spiritually progress:

1. What you say

Because the realisations, which your mind interprets, can then be put into words your teacher may ask you to describe what have you experienced. The problem with this approach is that if you have a well formed expectation of what might happen then your imagination can create all kinds of interpretations. This leads to people who are experiencing lower Light and Sound energy believing that it is higher Light and Sound energy. Or someone who experiences an expansion as a first stage meditator believing that they are now a second stage meditator. Because the words used to describe experiences are very limited it is difficult to determine from words alone if the person has had an expansion within the state of first, or was it an expansion into the second stage?

Words alone are open to interpretation. Even before initiation a person can experience lower one-ness with everything, which sounds like Enlightenment. If someone sits within the Atmic point then they will experience being one with all of creation, which is a pretty amazing experience. But this one-ness is not Enlightenment. It is not spiritual as it is an experience within the lower vehicles. When someone who has has such an experience talks, they only have access to the same words to describe it as someone who is Enlightened and the words will be very similar. The mind of the listener will struggle to differentiate the truth based on words alone.

Why The Meditation Teacher Should Not Talk Specifically About Experiences in Spiritual Progress

This is also why it is not a good idea as a teacher to be too explicit about what a student may experience during spiritual progress following initiation. If you tell them too much then their imagination will make experiences fit their expectations and they may imagine realisations which have not actually happened.
This level of “spoken” communication is always going to be open to misunderstanding and colouring by the personalities and egos of those involved. Your desire to progress as a meditator or your desire as a teacher to progress someone, may lead to inaccurately interpreting an inner experience to fit with the desires and expectations of those involved. Words are within the mind and the mind is not the thing that has made the spiritual realisations, so unless there is extreme neutrality and humility then there is a risk of uncertainty.

2. Asking Directly of the Spiritual Hierarchy

At the request of the ascended masters this part was updated on 19th July 2020 and 29th March 2021 to reflect changes and a deeper understanding in the process of state changes. Full details about what these changes were will be discussed in book #5 when it is published.

Initiation comes from God and there are members of the Spiritual Hierarchy who are assisting. Although some of them were known in the past as the “Lords of Initiation” or “Lords of Light“, it is the enlightened ascended masters who keep watch over humanity’s spiritual progress. The state changes bring about noticeable change in you and so there is nothing ambiguous or open to interpretation from the perspective of the ascended masters. If you have realised a state change either following second or third initiation then these ascended masters can tell because they can see your higher spiritual bodies and can perceive your crown chakra from above.

Some meditation teachers have the ability to channel information from the ascended masters and can therefore confirm whether a person has made a state change or not. They can even be made aware of when in the future a person might make the realisations and at what stage in the process a person currently is. This requires a lot of neutrality and focus though and it is not something that happens automatically as a person progresses. It requires a lot of dedication on the part of the channeller and a willingness to communicate with them on the part of who is being channelled.

This way of confirming states is more accurate than trying to correlate the words a person speaks with their spiritual state which is hard to put into words. The ascended masters are observing from the top down, from a place of spiritual clarity. Whereas the mind does not have clarity as it is looking from the bottom upwards.

What is the Difference Between Having “Done It” and “Realised it”?

From an energy perspective you have “done a state change” when you have expanded or let go to become present within the higher dimension. From a lower personality perspective you have “realised a state change” when you have experienced the realisations which come from the contrast between where you now are and where you were before.

  • There are people who have been given Initiation, who have then let go within their meditation and have done the state change and then realised their state. This is the ideal.
  • There are people who have been given Initiation but have yet to let go within their meditation and so have not done the state change and so spiritual progress has not happened.
  • There are people who have done the state change but have yet to let go within their meditation and so have not realised their state change.
  • There are people who have realised their state change but do not understand the contrast and so do not understand that they have done their state change.
  • There are people who have been given the Initiation but not done the state change, yet they believe they have because of expectation and imagination about what they expect for their spiritual progress.
  • There are people who have not been given Initiation but believe they have experienced state changes because of contrast within the lower vehicles.
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In all cases though, by fostering humility, acceptance and gratitude, and seeking guidance both from your meditation and from your teachers then you may gain clarity of your situation. With clarity you can accept the guidance you need to realise your state change or to remove the illusion of spiritual progress and start to actually progress. For example, there are expansions within the second state, which are so amazing and still that you may naturally believe you have realised your Enlightenment and there is no further need for spiritual progress. It is only upon actual Enlightenment that you would then have the perspective and contrast to recognise that the state you had experienced before was not Enlightenment, no matter how amazing it was.

Similarly if you have spent years exploring the very large planes within your lower subtle bodies then you may think you are already on a spiritual journey and have made progress. It can be hard for your personality and ego, which is a natural thing, to let go of your ideas about your level of spiritual progress. But unless you can let go and be humble then it may prevent you from becoming aware on higher levels which are revealed once you are initiated into Higher Light and Sound Energy.

It always comes back to humility, without humility you will, through your mind, constantly seek to validate your identity by taking new experiences and trying to make them fit your expectations of what you think spirituality is. There is no criticism in this, it is simply the nature of your mind and the ego which results. We all have a mind and ego, which is why it is important to foster humility and gratitude. Without humility and gratitude it can be very hard for you to confirm your own state changes.

The other factor which makes it difficult is that until you are Enlightened you don’t have the highest perspective to understand the limits and comparisons of each dimension, both spiritual and within manifest creation. Spiritual expansions take you into new vibrational awareness which has nothing to do with your mind or lower self. Your teacher may be doing the best that they can too in terms of their understanding of your progress.

Your responsibility is to be as humble as possible and to practice letting go within meditation so that when you are initiated you can realise your state. If you fully let go then you will have more realisations and thus certainty of your state. As a teacher your responsibility is to practice letting go of your own desires for your student to progress and to be as neutral as possible so that you can work with the Spiritual Hierarchy when it comes to confirming states. It is important to have clarity too in the process and to recognise that there is a difference between someone who has had the potential from Initiation, someone who has done it, and someone who has realised they have done it. Although numbers matter it is important to give the person sitting down the best guidance so that they can do and realise the full potential of their initiation.

What About Once You Have Realised a Spiritual State Change?

It is also very important to remember that once you have realised a state, be it first or second that there are still many more realisations to have and that you must meditate on Light and Sound to progress. Once Enlightened there is an opportunity to integrate and to become an active Spiritual Worker and so Enlightenment is not the end, it is the beginning.

In the article above we mention things like light and sound energy, spiritual journey, initiation, meditation and other terms that may be new to you. For a more in-depth exploration of these things and other aspects of life including your soul, spirit, life-plan and more we offer this book. You will also find a lot more throughout this website and the many free resources we offer.
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