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Can Someone be Enlightened and Still be a Bad Person?

This is a question I get asked relatively often in various ways. “How can that person act like that if they’re supposed to be spiritual?” or “How can that person do something like that if they are Enlightened?“. I found myself talking to someone recently and this question came up again and so I give guidance here to help people understand.

So can someone be Enlightened and still be a bad person? The answer is “yes” since enlightenment is liberation of your spirit and has less to do with your personality. However your personality on the journey to enlightenment is witness to and has the potential to benefit from the spiritual realisations. These realisations do not happen within your personality, but they filter through the different higher vibrational layers and down to the personality and into your mind. So your mind, personality, emotions, and the things that you are before you start a spiritual journey are included in the experience and are supported by the expansions, but they are not necessarily changed.

However with enlightenment and the massive changes in terms of energy and awareness you have a lot more potential. So the answer really is that upon getting the energy and more so on enlightenment, there is more potential for your personality to change and evolve because there’s a lot more energy behind your personality.

So if someone is “service to self“, in other words “selfish“, led by their ego, then they wont necessarily change upon enlightenment, they just have more energy behind them. Because of this they could actually become worse, they could be more “service to self“.

Similarly someone who is “service to others“, who has that intention to help others and also to develop themselves will find that they have even more potential upon enlightenment to change in a positive way, to become more “service to others“.

But here is the thing. When we say “they’ll become worse, or they’ll become better” this is judgement, this is the mind. What we have got to remember is that there is not a person on this planet who realises enlightenment because they are perfect or because they are worthy of it. Every single person who gets access to the energy and who subsequently makes the expansions and ultimately realises enlightenment does so because of ultimate kindness, because of grace.

So assuming that a person has truly attained enlightenment, which came from grace then it really is a gift which has been given. The energy to spiritually grow comes from unconditional love, it comes from Unity, from God – the absolute. Because it comes from unconditional love then there is no judgement as that would impose conditions. Because God is the cause of everything then everything and that means everyone is already included within creation and so even the people that we may judge as good or bad are all part of the whole, nothing gets excluded.

Since the spiritual journey, unlike the soul journey, has less to do with the personality as the spiritual journey is taking the spirit up to the state of absolute love, then there are few constraints upon the personality. What is required is a willingness to devote time to the journey, and ability to really let go within meditation, and the opportunity to receive spiritual initiation. There is also a need for the person to be loving in nature as there is a connection between love and enlightenment.

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It seems then that most spiritual, loving and capable people, if initiated, have the potential to attain enlightenment. This certainly suggests that there is no right way to be other than fundamentally good and so the journey does not require the personality to change, rather it just provides more potential for the personality to change. As you progress along your spiritual journey you will have realisations about your true nature, which may include that you are one with everything, that you are connected to everything. You might hope that with these realisations someone will evolve as a human being, as a result of walking a spiritual journey. But even that is not a given, it is just the potential.

There are many examples of people who are fantastic meditators in the sense that they can let go and have these realisations, but they are not necessarily practised “integrators“. So meditation creates the awareness that allows for the realisations and ultimately for the state changes and spiritual growth. Integration however is the willing process of allowing the vibrations that filter down in the form of realisations to change the personalty. Whether the personality changes or not makes little difference, as it already is part of the whole.

Integration is part of the soul journey rather than the spiritual journey and it is for this reason that a person has the potential to progress on their spiritual journey and yet remain relatively unchanged in terms of their personality. Without integration the true potential of the person upon enlightenment is not possible since their ego would block the light within from shining out. The teachings of The Way Back, in particular The Six Virtues, have been channelled to humanity from higher spiritual teachers, who some refer to as the Spiritual Hierarchy in order to help guide us in our soul development as well as our spiritual development.

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So for those on a spiritual path who desire to progress towards enlightenment the good news is that your personality does not have to be perfect. In fact it is impossible for your personality, by its very nature, to be anything other than what it is, which is to be imperfect, just like everyone else.

In the same way as unconditional love is not judging us, then we can choose to resist the temptation to judge others. To be congruent with absolute love, which is what we are aspiring towards as someone on a spiritual journey, is to demonstrate unconditional love, which includes being non-judgmental. So even though there will be people on a moralistic level you could judge as being “bad“, including some who may be enlightened, and also there are others we could judge positively as being kind, humble and all the virtues you would hope someone who is spiritual would demonstrate, remember it is just your mind that is judging them. It is just the part of you that is trapped within duality which is judging.

Do you Need to Change Your Personality To Become Enlightened?

Ultimately upon realising enlightenment you can realise that there is no need for you to change, and actually there is no need for anyone else to change. The only person you should worry about or concern yourself with is you, because ultimately you are going to realise that it is all you.

Though your personality does not realise enlightenment, once you have been initiated, and more so once you are enlightened, you will have the potential to become a powerful conduit for love, for healing, and to radiate light. It is your choice to do with this what you will. Some choose to embrace love, to embrace The Six Virtues which resonate with love, for example demonstrating forgiveness and unconditionally accepting people. Others will sit in the part that will always judge, and both are accepted within love.

The more you align with love then the more you will move towards a vibration which is more loving in how you demonstrate and live your life. The only person you are responsible for and the only person you are in control of is yourself, and it is part of your soul journey to move towards love.

So to answer the question “is it possible to be a bad person and be Enlightened?”, then the good news is “yes” and the bad news is “yes“, but from the perspective of enlightenment there is no good and there is no bad, there simply is, as all opposites are reconciled in that state, which is love.

Do You Want to be “Service to Self”, or “Service to Others”?

So the real question is “how do you choose to live your life?” Do you want to be “service to self” or do you want to be “service to others“? If you do encounter people irrespective of their spiritual advancement, you have the choice to practice not judging them, because to judge someone is really just judging a part of yourself.

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Are They Actually Enlightened?

At this point you may have realised an important consideration, which is the question: “is everyone who believes themselves to be enlightened actually enlightened?“. The same is also true of initiation. Is everyone who believes themselves to be initiated actually initiated? The higher spiritual journey is vast and some of the intermediate steps are so great that there is the potential that a person believes themselves to have been enlightened though they have not yet completed the journey. There are also accounts of people who have spiritual” experiences through the use of drugs like peyote, ayahuasca or cannabis. But as you may learn this is not what is considered spiritual enlightenment and is not something we recommend.

There are also many teachers who offer initiation but may not actually always be able to do so. There are also many kinds of initiation but they may not all be referring to initiation into higher spiritual light and sound energy. But in most cases the people involved are very well intentioned although history has shown that not all initiations are successful.

The word “enlightenment” itself is also used a lot to describe any expansive and positive life-altering spiritual experience and is often used by people to denote a more aware spiritual attitude, which is to do with the mind rather than the spirit. So it may be worth appreciating that the “enlightened person” in question may not be enlightened as you or we might understand it.

Can We Make the World a Better Place?

Perhaps we do not change the world by trying to get everyone else to conform to our ideal of how we think it should be but rather we change it by resonating the highest vibration we can? It’s truly amazing how when we stop over judging and start accepting other people, that we remove the resistance to their change too.

Those who already have access to the inner light and sound energy and those who are already enlightened are at the forefront of a vibrational change for the planet, and you can help this, if you choose, by finding The Way to bring your personality and soul more into alignment with love and therefore the source of the light, God.

The gift of initiation and enlightenment comes from God, who is the source of love and thus The Six Virtues help you align with it so that you become a more open channel for this love. Although there is the idea of channelling light the true purpose is not to channel light, but rather to radiate the gift of the light within.

Editors note: We regularly channel information from the Ascended Masters and sometimes we receive new guidance, or deepen our understanding of spiritual topics. As we learn more we incorporate this information into the articles, so that you have the most up to date and refined information.
First published on Saturday 17th December 2016.
Updated Sunday 12th January 2020.
Updated Monday 29th March 2021.

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