An Open Letter to Light and Sound Meditators on The Path / Lifewave of John Yarr

Mark co-founded The Way Back in 2018 after many years of practicing and teaching light and sound meditation, which included a number of years having been a student and teacher on “The Path” of John Yarr.

His decision to stop supporting The Path and to work independently for free naturally led to confusion amongst some people in The Path as to why he had left and how it was possible that he was now initiating and revealing light and sound energy. Mark’s departure meant that he was no longer connected in any way to John Yarr or his group and naturally led to inaccurate rumour and speculation, such is human nature.

But Mark realised that rather than building walls or losing contact, it is always better to build bridges and so this open letter was channelled to him, in response to his desire to create a bridge, making it easy for those who were still involved in The Path (and lifewave which was one of its earlier names) to approach him so that they could freely discuss with him why he had left and more importantly how he was now able to initiate and take people to enlightenment.

Those who value truth have made contact and discovered for themselves how events have unfolded and the amazing potential that now represents for everyone.

Dear friends.

This is an open letter for Light and Sound meditators who may have started their journeys with John Yarr’s Path (aka “The Path”, “Lifewave” or “One Meditation”). Like many I was once a student of that group but have since moved on and discovered more.

I continue to teach independently and have seen first hand that there has been much change over the last few years. It is only human nature that change creates rumour and speculation and so I make myself available to you and invite you to take the opportunity to ask questions and find out for yourself, if you wish.

As an enlightened teacher who has initiated many and taken people to enlightenment in recent years, I may offer an alternative and independent perspective on the potential for you and others to complete your journey.

My only concern is to help anyone who is a genuine seeker of truth to find the way back and complete their own spiritual journey.

We are all one and the truth is love.
With kindness

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