Heart Chakra: Seven Amazing Facts You Might not Know

    The heart chakra is the fourth main chakra out of the seven that run from the base of your body to the top of your head. The word chakra means “wheel” because chakras are like a vortex of energy funnelling into your body. In book three we go into a lot of detail about all of your chakras because how […]

    Your Life Purpose: Understanding 9 spiritual truths about your life

    It has been over two years since Mark channelled information about the true nature of human souls, which includes nine powerful insights which have the potential to stop racism within society. Beyond this the knowledge he has channelled about your soul also includes: what is a life-plan; where did your soul come from; what happened before you were born; and […]

    Video Series: “Love – Hidden Knowledge”

    We are really pleased to say that there is now a video series of 4 videos totalling 76 mins going into great detail about the hidden knowledge of love. These videos explore “what is love” in a profound and deep way. Part 1: 24 mins – What is love Discover what is love and whether it is different from unconditional […]

    Sending Love to the Planet

    In the video above I talk you through how to send love to the planet and also discuss the connected nature of everything on Earth. Sending LOVE to the planet is very easy to do and only takes a few minutes. Watch the video above, share it, and put it into practice. Below are a few bullet points to help […]

    The WAY – How Soul and Spirit Journeys are Entwined

    To understand “The Way Back” you first need to understand that you are already on a journey. In fact you have been travelling this journey over many lifetimes. Whether you realise it or not “you” are on this journey right now and it is the reason you exist. The “you” on this journey is not your transient body or mind, […]

    The Way Back, The Six Virtues

    This book about “The Six Virtues” is a must for anyone who is on a journey of self-improvement and spiritual growth. The second book in The Way Back series it follows on from “Guidance for the Seeker of TRUTH” and stands on its own as a complete body of work providing helpful information and powerful insights into the world of […]

    Raise Your Vibration: The Six Virtues

    Meditation teacher Mark discussing The Six Virtues and how they can help you to raise your soul’s vibration. Because raising your vibration helps you progress along your soul journey. With practical examples and insights into making them a part of your everyday life. Raise Your Soul and Spiritual Vibration Learn how the spiritual journey through meditation can raise your spirit’s […]

    Let God in: Spiritual Awareness of God in Your Heart

    In the video article above meditation teacher Mark discusses spirituality and the difference between your soul journey and spiritual growth. Mark also talks about the connection between enlightenment and God. These insights can therefore lead to an understanding of “letting it in your heart”. Do you think “God” means religion? Conversely Mark shows that experience based awareness of the divine […]

    Understanding Compassion: The Truth About How Humanity Becomes More Compassionate

    Most spiritually aware people will intuitively understand the vital need for compassion within human existence. More often it is noted for the ill effects of its absence. However it is only with a deeper understanding of what compassion is that it can increase within you and within humanity as a whole. Even without this deeper understanding the awareness that more […]

    Ayahuasca, Iboga, Peyote, LSD, DMT and Other Drugs or Medicine Plants? Do they really expand your consciousness?

    In this article we first explore what consciousness is and where awareness comes from. Then we look at how drugs, which some refer to as “medicine plants”, “sacred herbs”, or “mind altering plants”, like ayahuasca and LSD interact with your aura, chakras and subtle bodies. We contrast meditation to using herbs/drugs and explore whether these mind altering agents can expand your […]

    Send Love: Advice on Channelling Love: Start With YOURSELF

    The following is information was channelled directly from the Spiritual Hierarchy about how to send love to others: It is more important as meditators to begin by filling your hearts with love, than channelling love to the world. First fill your hearts with LOVE, then send love out to others.SPIRITUAL HIERARCHY Before you send love to others, start by bringing love into your […]

    The Way Back Meditation