Belief in God versus Loving God: A Personal Reflection

    Hi, I am Nik, a member of The Way Back, and today, Mark, one of its main teachers visited my home studio to record his latest podcast. What was a surprise was that I ended up in the podcast, personally reflecting on the difference between belief in God and having love for God. The podcast is called “It Is Not […]

    Four Potentially Life-Changing Spiritual Books, an Update

    So way back in December 2016 I announced the publication of my first book about light and sound meditation and higher spiritual dimensions. I knew then that another book was coming, which would be more life-changing, but I was busy for a while producing the online video meditation course and free MP3 guided meditations which have been really successful. Then […]

    The Way Back: What matters most?

    At the start of October 2021 we drastically overhauled our website, podcasts, youtube channel and articles. What this means is that you will now see that some of the guided meditations, tutorials, podcasts and articles have been removed or moved to the archive. In this short video I explain why we’ve done this. The short version is “to focus on […]

    Hidden Knowledge: Is it Needed on a Spiritual Journey?

    A few days ago I published the book “The Way Back: An Anthology of Spiritual Guidance”. This third book is a compilation of our core articles, web pages, and channelled teachings revealing hidden knowledge. In addition the book also provides bonus spiritual guidance from enlightened teachers taken from our members forum. I was quite surprised that this book was over […]

    What is Ego Really? Spiritual Insights and Myth Busting

    What is ego? After all it is one of those words that most people have heard but how well do we understand it? Furthermore it seems to be related in some way to personal development and the soul’s journey. Sometimes people talk about it in terms of “holding you back on your spiritual journey“. While others even use the phrase […]

    Spiritually Help Humanity with: Harmony, Healing & Love

    Is it possible to spiritually help humanity at these times? Humanity really is in unprecedented times and irrespective of your thoughts about the cause of these problems, the reality is that any global illnesses and the impact of social changes along with their resulting stresses, depression, loneliness and so forth are very very real. This has naturally led to many […]

    Spiritual Maturity: Get more from your state

    In this podcast meditation teacher and author Mark discusses the topic of spiritual maturity. Although like many it may be something you’ve not thought of before. Mark explores the reason why many people fail to spiritually mature. More importantly though, Mark gives practical advice on how to put it right. Being mature spiritually means to blur the boundaries between your […]

    More Love: Overcoming the Problems in the World Today

    More Love: Channelled Guidance to find God Below is shared the exact information that was channelled, word for word, exactly as it was given. We have added links within it to other articles that may help guide you. This guidance came as a result of seeking answers to questions about why there are so many problems and challenges in the […]

    Positive Affirmations – supporting your soul journey and spiritual growth

    In this article we look at positive affirmations and their role in your spiritual growth and soul journey. People sometimes confuse positive “affirmations” with “mantras“. It is for this reason that a good starting place is to understand what a positive affirmation actually is. An affirmation is a phrase that you say to yourself to “affirm” something you desire, wish, […]

    Find God: Why This Matters on a Spiritual Journey?

    This podcast why you might want to find God is the third excerpt from an interview from 13th Jan 2020. This podcast shares three things I wish I had been told when starting my spiritual journey many years ago. Podcast #3: Find God & Spirituality You can find all the free meditation podcast here. Use this podcast player below to play […]

    Ego, is it Blocking Your Soul Journey & Holding You Back in Meditation?

    This article is about “ego” and how it holds your soul development back and makes it harder to meditate. This is part 2 and follows on from the podcast on spirituality and the Six Virtues. But before we jump straight into the subject of ego I recommend you stop, breath, and relax. You see, as this podcast explains, it is […]

    Spirituality and why I Wish I’d Known About the Six Virtues Sooner

    One of our students interviewed me on the 13th of January 2020 and asked a number of questions about spirituality. It was the last question though that really got me: “What three things do you wish you had known at the beginning of your spiritual journey?“ Wow! How to sum up over 38 years of meditation practice and 20+ years […]

    Heart Chakra: Seven Amazing Facts You Might not Know

    The heart chakra is the fourth main chakra out of the seven that run from the base of your body to the top of your head. The word chakra means “wheel” because chakras are like a vortex of energy funnelling into your body. In book three we go into a lot of detail about all of your chakras because how […]

    Your Life Purpose: Understanding 9 spiritual truths about your life

    It has been over two years since Mark channelled information about the true nature of human souls, which includes nine powerful insights which have the potential to stop racism within society. Beyond this the knowledge he has channelled about your soul also includes: what is a life-plan; where did your soul come from; what happened before you were born; and […]