Rapport Article, March 2015

    In March 2015 Mark wrote and published and article in Rapport Magazine UK explaining some of his teaching approaches making it easy to learn meditation for anyone including beginners. Boost the Effectiveness of Your Training Courses and Client Sessions with Interesting Insights from a Mediation Teacher. I have previously written business articles for Rapport about marketing, social engagement and multimedia […]

    Absolutely on Purpose, 2013

    The inspiring lifestyle book “Absolutely on Purpose” 2013, by Stephanie Holland which meditation teacher Mark contributed towards. Wake Up to This Moment By Mark Davies Cyclist. Rock Climber. Mountaineer. Guitarist. Movie Lover. Teacher. There is no right or wrong way to be in life. It’s not about what you do; it’s about being present in the moment. Each of us […]

    NHS Employers Workplace Wellness Podcast, 2013

    A podcast interview recorded by Gemma Wright of NHS Employers interviewing Mark Zaretti about meditation for coping with and reducing workplace stress. Below is the Podcast on Meditation for Workplace Stress Busting: Below is Gemma Wrights feedback on the session

    Natural Health Magazine Aug 2011 – Meditation Masterclass

    In 2011 Mark was interviewed for Natural Health Magazine’s article called Meditation Masterclass, in which he describes the light and sound energy as “energy meditation” giving a brief account of how it differs from other forms of meditation. What does it involve? First you learn techniques to achieve stillness, such as breathe, advanced mantra or Kundalini meditation. You are then […]

    BBC Radio Kent: Diet & Lifestyle Versus Medication, 2011

    Mark Zaretti was a trained Biologist who worked in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries in 1995-1996 and then 1998-2005, before he left, no longer able to reconcile his belief in alternative healing and healthy lifestyle choices against the pharmaceutical approach. Mark held a BSc in Biology and an MSc in Bioinformatics from the University of Manchester. In the video you […]

    The Way Back Meditation