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Text to Speech: How to listen to our spiritually inspiring web pages read aloud

We have many spiritually inspiring articles, web pages and even FAQs to help support your spiritual journey and meditation. Importantly all these resources are completely free to read. We appreciate though that sometimes it is nice to have a break from reading. Perhaps you have wondered “can I convert that text into speech so I can listen to these articles?

In this article we want to share some powerful features that web browsers provide to help you easily enjoy the resources on our site. Hint, this works on any site too. For this example we’re using the free, secure and privacy respecting Firefox browser. However you’ll probably find the same features on other browsers, once you know what to look for. Here’s a link to download firefox and “no“, we’re not sponsored but we are happy to recommend any open source programs that respect your privacy and keep you safe online.

Before we jump straight into the text for speech feature we’re also going to share a number of other simple browser tricks: Click on the quick links below the video to jump straight to the relevant part on YouTube if you like. However if you’re not familiar with any of these browser features then watch the video below from the start. This video is also on YouTube.

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Quick links to YouTube:

  • 00:00 Intro: What is this video all about?
  • 00:37 Web page reader: Optimise the page for reading like a book.
  • 01:08 Look and feel: Reading at night time? change to a dark theme.
  • 01:30 Text to speech: How to have the web page read aloud
  • 02:46 Save some time: Watching videos at fast speed
  • 04:45 Struggling to read? Scale up or down webpage

Benefits of Text to Speech

At The Way Back our mission is to help support people on their spiritual journeys. In addition to providing direct guidance, support and tuition we make our online resources freely available around the world. We have many international followers and for many English is not their first language. Naturally, listening to a web page being read out is much easier than reading for a lot of people.

Furthermore, by making text to speech easy on our site it helps support those people who are visually impaired or who have other website accessibility issues. Therefore we’re very happy to provide the information in the video above because it helps support many more people. This advice on how to activate text for speech in the web browser works on mobile too and across many websites, so we hope it’s of benefit to you.

Even if you enjoying reading, sometimes its nice to be able to use text to speech to listen to your favourite web page being read out. For example, if you are doing other things but want to listen to spiritual inspiration in the background. If this is something that appeals to you then be sure to check out our meditation podcast too. There you can listen and download lots more inspiring and helpful spiritual content.

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