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We’ve now produced 25 podcasts to help guide you on your soul journey and to nurture and motivate your spiritual growth. But in order to reach as many people as possible we’ve taken the step to make these available on popular podcast channels.

The Way Back Podcast
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You Can Still Download the Podcast MP3s

If you’re not familiar with podcast players they usually have an option to download the file to your phone or device. This is so you can listen to the podcast when you are offline. The built in podcast player on our site also has a download button alongside each episode so you can get the MP3s.

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The Spiritual Podcast Series
Find us on your favourite podcast platform

The Way Back Meditation Podcast

Enjoy listening to our podcast on your favourite player. Even if it’s not shown in the list below the chances are you will find it.” – Mark

If you know any other podcast directories that we are listed in or that we could be registered with, please let us know and we’ll do our best to update this list.

Last updated 8th Oct 2020

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Podcast hosting

100% Not for Profit Meditation Group

Our mission is to help support all people in their personal soul journeys and spiritual growth. We make all our videos, articles, tutorials, and now podcasts freely available to anyone. But did you know that podcast hosting is not free and costs us a monthly subscription? If you’ve benefitted from our podcasts and other resources and would like to help support us, the good news is you can! Simply make a donation and because we are 100% not-for-profit every penny goes towards the hosting of this website, the podcasts and all the charitable work we do.
Think of it as buying us a virtual coffee! – thank you

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