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Personal Development: Gone in 60 Seconds? #shorts

Over the years we’ve found that videos are a great way of reaching out to you. Because video is accessible anywhere it puts personal development in your pocket! However did you know that there’s a new kind of video format on youtube called “#shorts”?

What are #shorts and how do they help personal development?

#shorts follow strict rules which are that:

  1. They must be less than 60 seconds.
  2. The video aspect must be portrait mode.
  3. These videos have the #short hashtag in their title/description.

This gives you punchy short inspiring videos easy to watch on your mobile phone. We’ve started to produce some #shorts videos for you which you’ll find on our YouTube channel and also below:

Hint: as new shorts are published they will appear above.

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Are these short videos really helpful?

Obviously 60 seconds is not long enough to share decades of experience however have you ever heard of the “elevator pitch”? The idea is simple. Imagine you have a great invention that you want to share with the world. You find yourself in an elevator with an investor and you have just 10 seconds in order to convince her to help support you before the elevator door opens and she leaves. What would you say to her?

Having less time focuses the mind, so I thought to myself “wouldn’t it be great if I could let someone know something helpful in less than 60 seconds?” Challenge accepted! Each short video will focus on one topic, like “The Six Virtues” or “5 things that people do which hold them back in meditation“.

Best of all YouTube shorts will reach a wider audience since they use a different algorithm for deciding when they are shown. This helps us spread the personal development benefits of meditation to a wider audience. But you can help too, when you watch these videos you can click on the “watch on YouTube button” and then “like” the video, subscribe and of course share this article or the videos with those people you think will benefit the most. – Peace x

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