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A few weeks ago I wrote about how mainstream digital organisations like Facebook, Google and others are a risk to your privacy, and in some cases perhaps even your rights, such as freedom of speech. In my search to find a secure, safe and privacy oriented alternative I discovered MeWe and made The Way Back available there too.

But even MeWe does not meet all the criteria we wanted. So where do we put our important information and host our member’s groups? The answer soon became clear to me. We need one place where everyone can meet and that meets the following criteria:

  • This place must be secure.
  • 100% respectful of privacy.
  • Free from corporate or political censorship or manipulation.
  • Free from unsolicited advertising.
  • Free from personal data mining, including from 3rd party.
  • Accessible from any device with internet access without requiring an application or special software.
  • Available 24/7 365 from any country.

I am really delighted to say that this place now exists and it is called My.TheWayBack.

  • Exclusively for spiritually awakened people interested in The Way Back.
  • 100% free to join!
  • Only approved members can participate.
  • Numerous groups to join, each with their own integrated video conferencing feature.
  • Create a simple profile and interact with others including private chat.
  • No 3rd party advertising.
  • Use on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop/desktop without needing an app.
  • Built-in moderation to protect the community with block/report features and verified user’s.
  • Social features you’d expect like friends, groups, notifications, mail, profiles, wall and more. – think of it like a simple facebook, without the nonsense and privacy worries.
  • A full featured and active Forum (as of May 2021) with over 240 posts across 60+ topics!
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How do you find it?

Simply click on the little group icon at the top of most of our pages (on a large screen) or look under CONTACT in the menu on a mobile device. Or just click here.

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