Kundalini meditation

Kundalini Meditation? Is it Spiritual?

When talking about Kundalini meditation the most common question is “What is Kundalini Energy and is it a spiritual?“. People also talk about “raising the kundalini” and again it is equated with spiritual practice and some people consider it enlightenment.

This video is an honest discussion about kundalini meditation and kundalini energy and dispels some misunderstandings about it and its role in spiritual development.

This video blog about kundalini meditation was filmed on Mount Snowdon in North Wales on a very windy day, but what a lovely place to stop and reflect on meditation, kundalini and the spiritual journey.

The subject of raising the kundalini energy in preparation for spiritual meditation and initiation is also discussed in the following FAQ about kundalini.

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“During initiation kundalini energy might raise up, and over time I believe people have mistaken that phenomena for believing that it was the raising of the kundalini which caused the initiation. So it is easy to see where there may be confusion. Having spent a lot of time working on Kundalini energy and also having spend even longer meditating on light and sound energy, I can honestly say that firstly they both exist and that secondly kundalini is fundamentally limited and although interesting it is ultimately tied to the physical body and cannot reveal higher spiritual awareness.

I respect that for many people it is their first experience of energy, cleansing, and accessing slightly higher chakras but I hope that those who are genuinely seeking enlightenment don’t mistake kundalini for anything more than exploring body awareness and the chakras. Because your potential is so much bigger and the higher spiritual journey starts where kundalini reaches its limits.”


We provide a free online meditation video course to help people of all abilities prepare for more advanced forms of meditation and within that course we discuss Kundalini meditation in more detail:

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