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Pure Energy merger with The Way Back

Many of you will have first discovered about The Way Back via my PureEnergyMeditation.com website, which I ran for 11 years from 2007 to 2018. It has been a great tool for sharing all the free videos, articles and even the eBook over the years. As my spiritual awareness has grown and my understanding of what is important has evolved I felt it was time to retire my personal mediation site. The truth is so much bigger than one person alone and I want to dedicate my time and energy solely to what has the most value to others which is The Way Back.

If you've never been to the PureEnergyMeditation.com site then don't worry, because all the free articles, videos, MP3 downloads and eBook are now all available from this site. Because the old PureEnergyMeditation.com website is a part of the history of the original members of The Way Back, then I have placed the old site in the historical archive where you can view a static copy of it if you like.

I will continue to keep this thewaybackmeditation.org site up to date and I hope you find the content and free downloads inspiring.

With Love


Posted by Mark Zaretti at 08:22

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