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It's normal that people who meditate sometimes may feel like "I am stuck in my meditation" or "I don't think I'm meditating properly" or "I'm Not Able to Get Into My Meditation Like I Used to". The reasons are many and will vary from person to person but there are some really practical and easy to do things to help you get much more into your meditation and hence get much more back from your meditation. In this video I share 9 ways to improve your meditation:

  1. Fall in Love with your meditation again
  2. Prepare your space
  3. Falling asleep?
  4. Play with and enjoy your meditation
  5. Micro meditations
  6. Meditate with a friend
  7. Get guidance
  8. Practice loving what is in front of you
  9. Teach from the heart

Is Everyone Else a Better Meditator Than You?

It's easy to believe that everyone else is probably a better meditator than you but in reality people only tend to discuss the good bits. "I was so still" or "I had an amazing meditate". So when you listen to other people talking about their meditation it may make you feel a little doubtful of your own ability. But the reality is that we're all equally able to meditate and since the Love and energy behind it all is the same for everyone, then the differences between people's abilities really are down to the attitudes, approaches and personalities of each individual meditator. This is why the 9 ways to improve your meditation in the video above are really about how you approach your meditation. I'll cover more on actual meditation techniques etc in another video.

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Peace and Love


Posted by Mark Zaretti at 13:30

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