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It's been a while since I've published a blog article, not because I haven't wanted to but because there's been so much change going on (like this new site), that I wanted to wait till things were calmer. These changes aren't just a new logo and website but rather something much more fundamental, amazing, and delightfully positive.

As you know I'm a web-designer when not teaching meditation and so it's natural that I'd want to keep the website up-to-date and use it as a way of reaching out to all those beautiful people out there, like you, who are looking for guidance and answers to the big questions.

So when you look around this site you'll find that there's a lot more information about the Light and Sound Meditation I teach and also my own story, which I share to help motivate others. So what is the big change? Well put simply, up till about 2014 there was only one person I knew of who could give access to Light and Sound Energy on higher planes of spiritual consciousness, well beyond the crown chakra. Thus providing the potential for people to realise Enlightenment. He also allowed some who he had already Enlightened to pass on this energy, but always under his guidance. That's how I first got access to Light and Sound Meditation, via one of his teachers. Well you're probably thinking what I was a few years ago, "surely if more people could give out the energy then more people could benefit?". Well that's what has happened, and is happening even as I write this.

Now, as well as the original teacher, who is still teaching and helping people, others around the world who are already connected to this higher energy are finding that they too can also give people access to spiritual Light and Sound Meditation. Where's this change come from? Well it's all to do with the intelligence (or you could say Love) which is The Source of this energy that exists beyond the limits of any one personality...

Because the planet needs more spiritual energy at this time then the intelligence on higher levels has started allowing those who are able to really open their heart centre and who already have access to the energy on these higher spiritual planes, to pass the energy on to others. I'm humbled to find that I'm also able to do this. I have already passed the energy on to a number of people and am working with others who are already on their journey, helping them to progress towards Enlightenment. It's inspiring and a real gift to be able to do this.

It's been a long journey for me too and I'm still getting used to what this means. The big difference is that I can now help people independently of others so I am free to help anyone, without rules or group structure, and I'm not alone. It really is a beautiful time to be alive!

Although I completed my journey years ago, the work on the lower self never ends and these recent changes have left me free to fully reference my own inner realisations and the biggest one - and most obvious, is that it really is all about Love. That's obvious I know, but I'll never grow tired of remembering it, sharing it and doing my best to live it.

You've heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, well I thought I'd use the new logo to embody my hightened desire to teach and share this amazing energy with others.

The Hidden Meanings in My New Meditation Logo

The image below shows my logo opened up into it's different components:

My Logo Expanded - Light and Sound Meditation

Starting on the left we have the Green Cosmic Fire Wheel which symbolises the divine fire from which all things come (I've seen it!) and I've made it into a wheel because all things within creation follow a cycle, just like the waves of energy which bring spirituality into creation. Green is the colour of the heart chakra and represents Love on the lower levels.

Next we have the Green petals of the Heart Chakra, of which there are twelve. When you perceive the heart chakra internally it has 12 petals and two triangles forming a 6 pointed star in its centre.

Then we have the letters P U R E E N E R G Y which fit perfectly! Like it was meant to be. I've always called this meditation Pure Energy because the Light and Sound Energy comes from The Source of Universal Love, beyond personality and the lower levels and so is "pure".

Next we have the 12 rays of green moving from the centre out to the petals. This gives the wheel of fire the sense of being a tunnel, as the heart is the pasageway to inner stillness. They also radiate from the centre outwards, which nicely aligns with the heart of the meditator.

The Meditator shown in white, representing all the colours (levels) of lower consciousness combined. We don't know if it is a man or a woman, because spirituality is available to all, irrespective of gender. You will notice a pink aura around the meditator, this is to remind me that you need yin and yang and that it is important to be kind, loving, compassionate and forgiving. Although these are traits of anyone who is coming from the heart, in today's often overly masculine society it's important to recognise the femanine qualities too.

Finally we have the 6 pointed star which is actually the outline of two triangles, one pointing upwards representing higher spiritual focus and one pointing downwards representing focus into lower consciousness. These triangles are seen in the heart chakra and so this star is the heart. I've placed it in the centre of the logo, over where the heart of the meditator is. This is to say "always keep your heart at the centre of all you do", after all behind it is the cosmic fire which creates everything!

Peace and Love


Posted by Mark Zaretti at 21:10

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