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I've taught meditation to people from all kinds of backgrounds and when someone comes to me for the first time I never make assumptions about their level of experience. After one class I asked Mick if he'd like to give some feedback and he kindly agreed. This short video shows what he said. I was left quite humbled by what he had to say, and until he was in front of the camera I had no idea he'd done TM for over 20 years!

"The teaching approach that Mark used was really quite different..."

"...a much deeper level of guidance"

"I've probably learnt more in two sessions meditating with Mark than I'd learnt in the previous 25 years of working with TM"

That's quite a humbling thing to hear from a student, and as I went on to discuss it with Mick it became clear that the reason was in the way I teach as much as the substance and energy behind what I teach. I'll make it clear here that I'm all for people experimenting with different forms of meditation including TM. But equally I'm passionate about people progressing and finding it easier and quicker to enter more profound states of awareness within their meditation.

Mick is not alone in his observations. I've taught many peope who were already quite experienced including an ex Hari Krishna monk, buddhists and people from light and sound meditation traditions. Many people talk about being "stuck" or having "plateaued" in their meditation, but often with some simple techniques, a shift in approach and careful observations and input they find that they can move on and form a stronger and deeper connection with their inner stillness.

Posted by Mark Zaretti at 11:30

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