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The Benefits of Meditation For Health and Wellbeing. A talk to the Cookridge U3A

I've just got back from giving a 30 minute talk on the health and wellbeing benefits of regular meditation at the University of the Third Age (U3A) Cookridge group. In the talk I covered a number of aspects including:

  • Anyone can begin to learn meditation.
  • You get great benefits from doing even just a little regular meditation.
  • Feed back from those I've already taught includes better sleep, reduced anxiety, lower blood pressure, faster wound healing to name a few.
  • We explored briefly the different ways we can be aware including body, emotional and mind awareness and then introduced the idea of also being aware within stillness.
  • How it's not about "stilling the mind" but rather about discovering that there is a stillness inside which is not touched by the mind.

There were over 100 people present and some very good questions were asked at the end which is a really positive reflection on the people who attend the Cookridge U3A.

Posted by Mark Zaretti at 12:58

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