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How Long Should You Meditate? The Travelling Meditator

As well as teaching meditation I also have a full time job working as a freelance film maker and writer. On a recent trip to India I had a 12 hour stop over in Dubai and while heading to the airport hotel I came across this sign. I couldn't resist getting a photo of "Relax in 10 Mins". It made me chuckle and got me thinking about how we associate time with relaxation.

How Long Does it Take to Relax When Meditating.

Over the years I've meditated for as long as 10 days and as short as maybe just 20 seconds. Sometimes all you have is a couple of moments free, especially when travelling. On the flight over I recall standing up to stretch my legs and closing my eyes, I did a few deep breath cycles and it didn't take 10 mins to get more relaxed either.

Is it Worth Meditating if You Only Have a Little Time?

My point really is that, although longer meditates allow us to go deeper into our inner stillness, if you only have a moment then it's still worth closing your eyes and accessing your stillness. It doesn't take long to relax and in reality relaxation is the consequence of being in the moment, not the cause of being in the moment. So the more you practice being in the moment, even if it's only for a few seconds, then the more quickly you can get into the moment and benefit from it.

Does it Take Time to Relax?

The idea that relaxation takes time is interesting to me because when I teach meditation either one to one or in group classes I like to instill in those I guide the concept that you can relax quickly and that the more present you are the more things like relaxation will naturally happen. Looking at the sign "RELAX IN 10 MINS" made me think, what happens if you only have 9 MINS and 59 SECONDS? Could you still relax? Obviously! But it's all about how we frame things. Saying relax in 10 mins pre-supposes that it's going to take 10 mins. What would be different if the sign said "RELAX NOW"?

Posted by Mark Zaretti at 02:06

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