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Can Meditation Naturally Reduce High Blood Pressure/Hypertension Without Medicine?

Many people first start meditating because they are unwell and want to improve their health. Recently two ladies have started coming along to my weekly meditation class because they had discovered that they had very high blood pressure. Both of them have been retired for many years, not that you'd believe it if you met them as they are both full of life and energy! But each had been informed during a routine medical checkup that they had high blood pressure. Having to take tablets to reduce blood pressure is an option but not one that either of these women were happy about and so they came along to the Horsforth meditation class as they had heard that meditation may help too.

High Blood Pressure and Hypertension

I'm certainly no stranger to high blood pressure. While studying for my degree in Manchester a fellow student was reading medicine. He had to practice taking people's blood pressure and so he put that pressure sleeve on my arm and pumped it up. He thought he was doing something wrong because every time he did the reading I was about 185 over 135. The norm is more like 130 over 70 so clearly there was a mistake being made. His professor stepped in to show him how it was done and after a few readings said "Boy you're hypertensive! go straight to your doctor!". Naturally, I didn't. I was far too stubborn. I also knew why I had high blood pressure. The clue is in the name "Hypertensive" which literally means "over tense". Despite the fact I was meditating about 2 hours a day I was also working about 16 hours a day studying and revising and so my body was under immense physiological stress.

The truth of the matter is that the meditation I was doing was certainly what allowed me to cope with the stressful situation I was in. But armed with the knowledge my pressure was up I focused on certain meditation breathing techniques I'd learned a few years before and very quickly my blood pressure dropped back to normal. I'm pleased to say that even now as I write this, despite a hectic and active lifestyle my blood pressure is still very normal. Sometimes being normal is good.

So when these two ladies came along I was interested to see how they would get on. I taught them the same breath meditation technique I'd used to reduce my blood pressure/hypertension. After about 6 weeks Pearl spoke to me at the start of a lesson. She was grinning from ear to ear as she explained:

"I went to the doctors for a regular checkup and he started taking my blood pressure. I tend to get nervous so my pressure goes up anyway. This time I thought enough is enough and I started doing the breath meditation you've taught me. The doctor looked confused and repeatedly took my blood pressure readings. Eventually he told me that he was very surprised because my blood pressure was normal! I told him I'd been doing meditation. He then said he was planning on increasing the dosage of my medication but because my pressure had dropped so much he changed his mind and didn't increase the medicine!"

Meditation Versus Medication For Hypertension

Naturally Pearl was very pleased because she avoided having to take more drugs and also her blood pressure is getting much better and all naturally simply by learning how to breath properly.

Now here's the bit where I have to say something about common sense. If you've got high blood pressure you've got to make your own mind up. I'm not a doctor and I don't give medical advice. You're responsible for your own choices. I just find it fascinating that myself and a number of people I've had the pleasure of working with have all seen their blood pressure drop by simply practicing an easy to learn form of breath meditation, and I'd like to share this story with you. Always consult your GP etc.

So I'll leave you with this Dictionary definition of "hypertension".


  1. Abnormally high blood pressure.
  2. A state of great psychological stress.

Posted by Mark Zaretti at 18:11

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