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Crystal Meditation - How to Use Crystals To Improve Meditation

This is a picture of one of my quartz points that I sometimes use for meditation. It sits in the window of my meditation room and from time to time I'll hold it while meditating or I'll let those I guide use it too.

Our energy system has many different vibrations or energy states, and people will sometimes refer to these as the aura, chakras, chi, life force etc. Crystals also have a vibration and this vibration corresponds to some of the vibrations within our energy field.

Holding a crystal or simply having it near us acts like a tuning fork, stimulating the corresponding vibration within our awareness. Quartz (silicon dioxide), especially when it is clear like the one shown is very powerful and beneficial. But be warned it's also very stimulating so don't put it near your bed or you may struggle to sleep.

How to hold a crystal for meditation

Hold it in your left hand and keep your hands apart. Place it so the point faces up your arm, directing energy into your body, not away from it. Do your meditation as you normally would and notice what you notice.

When I teach people how to meditate with crystals I go into more detail on how to hold the crystal and also how to breathe and become even more aware. But for now, simply enjoy.

I wouldn't recommend all types of crystal so for now keep it to quartz, rose quartz and amethyst.

Will Crystals Expand Your Awareness?

Sadly it's not so easy. Crystals are minerals and stimulate the mineral aspect of our awareness. As such they are great for healing and relaxing. They can help us to become more focussed and still in our meditation but they can't take our awareness beyond the lower self. They're a useful aide but not a substitute for advanced meditation. There to enjoy but not get too caught up in. Ultimately as I've meditated longer and on faster vibrations, I've discovered that human consciousness goes a lot further than crystal vibrations, though I still use crystals when it's appropriate to help others and myself.

Posted by Mark Zaretti at 22:31

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