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What's The Difference Between Meditating Lying Down or Sitting Upright?

Most people understand the need to be comfortable and relaxed when meditating and when learning they often first start with meditation lying down. There's certainly benefits to be gained from meditating lying down and this often forms part of yoga practice.

Those who are more aware of their energy system or who have read about chakras and auras may know that there are 7 main chakras running vertically up the spine from the base to the crown. When lying down then these centres of awareness are horizontal and so are aligned with the earths magnetic field.

When sitting or standing upright then these energy centres are aligned with the flow of light from the sun, in other words vertically. These two opposing energy flows, horizontal magnetic, and vertical light are also found within our bodies. When we lie down, we emphasise the magnetic part of our system and when we sit upright, we emphasise the light part of our system.

Sitting Upright for Advanced Meditation

As we explore more advanced forms of meditation, I encourage people to sit upright. It's not necessary to be in the "lotus position" or even sit crossed legged, as comfort is still very important, but what is equally important is that your energy system is aligned vertically and nice and open.

The picture above is the pile of cushions I regularly meditate on at my home and it's a pretty simple affair. There's a blanket there which I place over my legs. I also sometimes use a big bean bag for longer meditates. The important thing is that these both support my back and allow me to sit comfortably. I've been meditating for over 30 years and tried all kinds of positions. Meditating lying down doesn't allow me to go as deeply or with as much presence as sitting upright. At times I've meditated for many days, with only a few breaks maybe every 6 hours or so to use the loo, eat simple food and drink a little water. When you're exploring longer meditates then it's really worth paying attention to physical comfort.

Everyone is different so I encourage you to find out from your own experience what works best for you and to find out about meditation classes and free sessions have a look at meditation course calendar.

Posted by Mark Zaretti at 13:05

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