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It's a fair question... when you close your eyes should you be noticing something?
The answer really does depend on where you are in your meditation and while I will try and answer the question, it's important for anyone who really wants to find out the answer, that you find out for yourself! Reading about any experience does not pass on the experience, only a limited picture of it.

What you might notice depends on where you are meditating from and what you are meditating on. You see the physical body and senses can only notice physical stuff. Your emotional body (astral) can only notice astral stuff and so on.

When I talk about noticing I mean, what do you "see", what do you "hear", what do you "taste", what do you "smell", what do you "feel", what do you "think", what do you "imagine" and so on.

What you notice is not as important as "how present you are to what you are noticing". Let me explain. A beginner sitting in meditation may notice visual things. They may also notice "nothing" or as I like to say "no thing" which is great! Noticing nothing means you are still noticing something. You're just noticing that there is nothing to notice which means you are noticing something pretty amazing... "stillness!".

One of the expectations some people have is that you should be noticing something in your meditation or else you are "doing it wrong". But the reality is that what is more important is to stop seeking an experience and start being present. What you notice will be a result of the stillness and space you are letting go into. After all without inner space there is no where for anything to be and so no experience. Having an awareness of anything, which includes "no thing" means you are present and in the moment with the thing you are noticing.

Those of us who have taken our meditation further, beyond the limits of body, emotions and mind into Pure Energy Meditation will also have awareness without location. You can only perceive something if you are not that thing. As your spiritual awareness expands it becomes more inclusive of all things and all time so that there is nothing "outside of the self" and hence nothing to perceive and no experience to be had. Just simply beingness, which I can tell you is pretty amazing.

So next time you notice yourself thinking "what should I be noticing?" STOP and simply start being. Meditation is not entertainment, it is being present and loving what is in the moment, whether that is "something", "no thing" or both at the same time.

Posted by Mark Zaretti at 11:22

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