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Meditation Forum for Beginners and Intermediate Meditators

I've just launched a new meditation forum for beginners and intermediate meditators to get together and share practical and friendly meditation advice, support and inspiration. You can get to the forum simply by clicking the link in the navigation above or click here to go straight to the meditation forum. So who's the forum for. Anyone who is either starting out or interested in starting out and also those who have a bit more experience too. So if you are just learning breath meditation techniques, crystal awareness, mantras and sound meditation, kundalini practice, healing, mandala or any of the forms based on the lower vehicles then this is for you.

If you're an advanced meditator who already has access to the faster Pure Energy Meditation then there is a forum for you too. Simply contact me from the contact page and I can add you to this advanced meditator forum.

The forum has just been launched so spread the word and enjoy interacting with other like-minded people.

Posted by Mark Zaretti at 07:06

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