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In order to answer that question I need to first give you a little background information. "Pure Energy Meditation" is a name that I created to describe the process of accessing energy via meditation. Before experiencing it for myself I had already spent many years exploring other kinds of meditation. The "how do you do pure energy meditation?" and the "what is this pure energy?" questions are very important and in answering the "how" and "what" I will be able to explain the difference.

What is Pure Energy?

This energy that you could access has always been present. It wasn't invented or created. It doesn't belong to a system of belief or faith. Throughout recorded history, mankind has tried to define it and pretty much every "spiritual" book from the Tau Te Ching, I Ching, Vedas, Bagavad Gita through to religious texts have referenced or alluded towards it. Giving it names like "Tau", "Spirit" or "The Source". But it is not religous, nor is it eastern or western and it is not historical or contemporary. It simply is, it has always been there and always will be.

It is what is behind all awareness and consciousness, it is the simple energy which supports and creates every aspect of our lives. Our auras, energies, kundalini, bodies, emotions and mind are simply an echo of this energy.

I am just one of many people who has access to it and who can help others connect to it.

So getting back to the "How" and "what", I've hinted at "what" it is. I say hinted because there is only one way to know what it is and that is to experience and connect to it for yourself.

How Do you Do Pure Energy Meditation?

The how is more demonstrative of the difference between this and other types of meditation. You see, as I often explain to those I guide, there are really three things of importance. 1) What you are meditating on, 2) where you are meditating from and 3) what you are noticing. When we understand this then it really becomes easy to see how this differs. If we meditate on breathing then we are using our mind and body to focus on breath and the energy within it. It is a truly beneficial thing to do and it helps us to become stiller and more aware on the inside. What it can't do is take us beyond the mind and body. The same is true of affirmations, visualisations, mantra meditation, pranic practice, Om, TM, buddhism, tai chi, yoga, remote viewing, crystal awareness, scrying, astral projections, rebirthing, reiki and any number of other practices. Now I regulary enjoy yoga, tai chi, mantra meditation, breath meditation and so on, but they do not take me into energy beyond the mind, the crown chakra or lower vehicles of the personality. What they do is make it easier to let go and explore the Pure Energy that I am lucky enough to be connected with. You see the difference is that Pure Energy meditation is beyond all the vibrations that we access from and with our body, emotions, mind, kundalini, buddhic body, intuition and even our crown chakra. In other words you are using a much higher vibrational awareness to access much higher vibrations. So where lower self awareness ends pure energy meditation begins. It is a natural awareness and because it is an expansion rather than a movement then it is inclusive of all aspects of being, rather than being exclusive.

The Difference

So if you are doing visualisations, breath meditation, mantra, kundalini, reiki etc and any number of practices where you meditate from and into form and stillness then you are growing and exploring into these vehicles. When you have access to pure energy meditation then you are expanding as opposed to growning and so you can explore all of these things but also explore what is beyond them. Wheras other forms of meditation can open your eye to what you already have access to, Pure Energy allows you to transcend not only the observed but the observer and to be the source rather than the manifestation.

It all sounds pretty esoteric or out there and there is no way of you knowing for sure other than to find out, like so many others have already done, for yourself.

Teaching Pure Energy Meditation

So when I start teaching people, while I do start by teaching them practical and highly beneficial techniques like breath and mantra meditation, it is with the insight and understanding that it is simply to prepare them for when they are aware of Pure Energy Meditation. The preparation is about learning how to enjoy being in the moment, focused, at ease and aware of the stillness and space, which are the manifestation of Pure Energy within form. While I am focused on helping people to connect with and explore Pure Energy Meditation, I am experienced with, and appreciative of, the many benefits people get from every stage of meditation. Even the basic breathing techniques that I teach will have a profound impact and benefit on a person. And whether they choose to take their exploration all the way into Pure Energy or not, I am delighted to support them and guide them because it's all about you and what you need.

The most important thing is that, at least now you know that the potential to take your meditation much further than visualisations, chakra awareness and personality is here. I have worked with many people, from complete beginners with no experience, through to people who have been doing advanced forms of meditation for decades. If you are enthusiastic about life and intelligent enough to be curious about the bigger picture then I'd be more than happy to help you.


Posted by Mark Zaretti at 14:34

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