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What is Pure Energy Meditation?

Wednesday 15th August 2012

I was asked recently, what is pure energy meditation? and this was my musings and answer to that question:

"Pure Energy Meditation ultimately allows you to meditate on the creative, generative energy that supports and forms everything that we experience as creation and also beyond.

Initially we begin with breath meditation which allows us to become more balanced and comfortable within our physical bodies, as well as our emotions and mind. There's also the opportunity to explore other sensory based meditation techniques such as mantra, mandala, kundalini, crystal and many others. Ultimately the goal is to prepare for the much more spiritual Pure Energy Meditation. Whereby, as well as including the mind, body and emotions, they can also explore the spiritual consciousness which exists in all people and transcends these lower levels allowing them to really begin to start on a spiritual journey.

Because Pure Energy Meditation techniques are inclusive of the lower self and the higher spiritual self then there are amazing benefits to be had on every level. The benefits are not just limited to the physical, emotional or mental but also allow a full exploration of spiritual awareness, ultimately with the potential, which many have realised, to discover the true meaning of enlightenment by becoming enlightened."


Posted by Mark Zaretti at 22:12

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