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Well last night saw the first of many to come Mid Week Meditation Classes at the Orchard in Horsforth Leeds.

It was a naturally chilled out session lasting 90 minutes and in the words of one of the attendees... "That went really quickly!". Some of the people there had never meditated before and yet were able to get so relaxed that they were no longer aware of their thoughts and mind, feeling "really relaxed and calm".

It's always a real delight to teach people. Whether they have no experience or like some of the people there, have more experience it's amazing watching people drop into deeper and stiller states of relaxation. I won't give anything away here but some of the things people were noticing about thier inner stillness were pretty amazing! And that's just after one lesson!

So when you're interested in finding out how easy it is to become stiller, calmer and more focused within then get in contact...

Posted by Mark Zaretti at 09:17

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