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Why meditate?

Monday 25th June 2012

Why meditate?

"Why Meditate" is a pretty good question. And I guess the answer I would give has evolved over the years.

When I first started meditating I didn't even know it was called that. I was exploring the "power of the mind" and I was just a young kid. But watching films like Star Wars inspired me to find out if there was such a thing as "The Force". So I started experimenting by staring at objects and trying to make them move! Some 30 years on and looking back it was pretty funny but what it taught me was that when you put your full attention on something then cool stuff happens!

That's what meditation is... it's about putting your attention on something. So to answer the question of "Why Meditate?" we first need to understand that meditation is the process not the goal. The goal is to become more aware of whatever we are putting our attention on.

So if we meditate on an object we become it.

If we meditate on inner peace we become it.

And the more we spend time becoming something then the more we become it. So if you want more peace or calmness then you have to focus on this. Kind of makes sense eh?

So why meditate?

Well from my experience there are two main reasons.

1. Health and Wellbeing

The first and probably easier understood is to explore and balance the mind, body and emotions with amazing results. I've personally had my health improved, and stress levels reduced using basic breathing meditation. Just some of the benefits I've personally experienced as a direct result of meditating:

  • I went from hypertensive with blood pressure of 180+/130+ to 130/70
  • I overcame insomnia which was caused by work related stress
  • My hayfever and asthma symptoms reduced significantly
  • After longer meditations I've felt rejuvinated and indeed people have commented "you look younger"
  • On a daily basis I find it a great aid to destressing and relaxing

Now I'm not saying that meditation is a magic wand that heals and cures. While I believe that the body is awesome and has massive healing potential, I also believe that if you are unwell then you should look at all the options available, both alopathic and homeopathic.

When you consider hypertension, insomnia and even hayfever there is certainly a stress/emotional factor and getting yourself "back in balance" intuitively makes sense! I won't tell you anything more specific about my personal experiences of how powerful and healing meditation can be... I'll leave that to you to explore! Remember, if in doubt consult your GP first. Meditation is a natural process and many health workers and now recommending that people meditate to help with de-stressing and wellbeing.

2. Spiritual Exploration

The second and way cooler reason is to explore beyond the limits of a personality. I've always been an adventurous sort and the scope of exploration available when you go into meditation blows away anything that can be experienced through the small 5 senses. Pure energy meditation has allowed me to go beyond the body, emotions and the mind! Of course this means little to anyone else unless they have the same opportunity to find out for themselves. My job is to let people know that the opportunity exists and to guide them along that journey.

Posted by Mark Zaretti at 22:13

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