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Last night I held the first of hopefully many online multi person conference calls with other like minded individuals. We had people from all over the UK and as far abroad as Budapest in Hungary join in. There was a range of experience, from beginners to those who have completed their spiritual journeys to "Enlightenment" and in a natural and conversational way we discussed some of the realisations and insights we've had from our meditation.

Topics covered included:

  • LOVE, and how our understanding of it evolves as we develop spiritually.
  • Practical things we can do to go deeper into meditation.
  • How attitude and the mind can be useful in preparing for a meditate.
  • Discriminating between expectation, imagination and "being in the now".

I will be organising more of these in the future so I hope you can join us. To find out when the next online meditation discussing and philosophical meeting will be sign up to the free meditation newsletter.

Posted by Mark Zaretti at 17:30

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