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Meditation Book - Update

Wednesday 7th March 2012

Meditation Book - Update

Those of you who subscribe to my mailing list may remember I said I was going to write a book about meditation and I asked for questions and ideas for what you would like to see in it. Thanks again to those of you who responded. I thought I'd give an update and a sneak preview of what is to come.

Well I've written about 24,000 words so far which equates to about 150 pages. There is still more to write but I'm very pleased with how it is coming along. The way I work is to have a question and then reflect on it for a while. Often the words come to me very intuitively, when I least expect it so I keep a notepad near me at all times now. When the words are flowing it's a real pleasure as really I'm just letting them come through me so to say. It's a bit like meditation I guess, the more you let go and get out the way then the more cool stuff can happen and energy flows!

Chapter Listing

Below is the current chapter listing. Most of the titles are working titles but it will give you an idea of what to expect. And please feel free to suggest more things if you want them in the final book. The main section headings are in bold.

Spirituality 3

  • Believing is Not Being 5
  • My Definition of “Spirituality” 7
  • What Do You Believe Now? 12
  • The Limits of Words 16
  • The Trap of Expectations 17
  • Stuck With Information? Within Formation? 19
  • Why So Many Forms Of Meditation? 21
  • What Are You Paying Attention To? 22
  • Where Are You Paying Attention From? 24
  • You Have Been Meditating All Your Life 26
  • The Seven Levels Within Manifest Creation 27
  • Awareness Within Manifest Creation 35
  • Beyond Manifest Creation 45
  • Love 46
  • The Big Picture 48
  • The Illusion of Self 51
  • The Teacher and The Master 54
  • The Illusion of a Spiritual Journey 58

Meditation 60

  • Preparing For Spiritual Awareness 60
  • Attitudes That Support Inner Stillness 62
  • Outside Is A Mirror Of Inside 73
  • Practical Advice for All Meditation 75
  • Meditation Techniques 88
  • Personality and State 106
  • Lifestyle Factors That Support Stillness 106
  • Diet 106
  • Drugs 112
  • Alcohol & Smoking 117
  • Lifestyle 118

Common Misconceptions 118

  • "Women Can't Become Enlightened" 119
  • Enlightenment Over Many Incarnations 121
  • Spiritual Means Behaving a Specific Way 124
  • Can The Blind Lead the Blind? 132
  • All Spiritual Phenomena Is Just Chemistry 133
  • Spirituality Is Not Entertainment 135
  • Waiting Till You Are Ready For Spirituality 138
  • You Cannot Get a Certificate in Spirituality 140
  • States Do Not Equal Status 142
  • You are not invincible 142
  • States do not come with instructions 142

Integration 142

  • Poles Apart 142
  • Understanding Limits, Awareness and Love. 144
  • Resistance to Change 153
  • Personal Transformation 154
  • References 157

Posted by Mark Zaretti at 06:33

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