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Meditation and Philosophy

Monday 26th March 2012

There is a lot of value to be gained from being philosophical. The word itself derives from Latin and literally translates as the "Love of Sophia". Sophia was of course the Greek goddess of Wisdom and so Philosophy means the "Love of Wisdom".

The Benefits of Philosophy to a Meditator

Let's be clear about what I mean by "philosophy". I mean an intelligent and light hearted discussion and enquirey into the fundamental aspects of being human and experiencing stillness. Playing with philosophy (it is fun) helps meditators in the following ways:

  • You build more ability to understand and integrate those experiences and insights you have within your meditation.
  • You can challenge and go beyond your own limiting habits and beliefs to find more flexibility in your personality, allowing you to get more from your meditation.
  • You can explore and directly apply teachings from wise philosophers through the ages to your own life and experiences.
  • It can create a more fluid experience within meditation as you have better aligned your lower mind with the stillness. Intention is very powerful and so doing philosophy helps orientate your intentions.

A philosophical discussion with like-minded folk:

How: Well we're all over the country (in fact the world!) so let's make the most of technology. We're going to do this using Skype which is a free program that you can download and put on a computer or laptop. Make sure you've got headphones handy and a microphone too (some laptops have mics built in!). When you've got skype installed just look for the skype account "pureenergymeditation" and add it to your contacts. Be sure to provide your full name and where you are to the invite. Skype allows up to 25 people to talk together!

When: Thurs 5th April @ 7pm for about 1 hour(ish). Pop it into your diary now! Sign into Skype at 6:55 and send me a chat message saying you want to join in. I will then add you to the conference call. - simple. I'll stop adding people at 7pm so be on time :) If you live near someone else who is interested then use this as an excuse to get together.

If you've missed this one then sign up to the newsletter to find out about when the next one will be.

Cost: It's FREE

What: This will be the first one so we'll start with ease and see what comes up! Everyone can contribute as much as they want or simply listen in and enjoy. I would recommend that you do a few minutes of meditation before the call to get into a peacefull and relaxed state of mind before we begin.

Who: This is aimed at anyone who is interested in or already doing Light and Sound Meditation. From beginners to experienced...

I look forward to hearing you there.


ps. A few really handy hints to having a great skype experience:

  1. Use headphones otherwise the sound quality of what you hear and say will not be so good. It will also be better for the other people. If there are a couple of you round one computer then you may want to get a headphone splitter which is pretty cheap.(here's an example: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B001D84CV6)
  2. Make sure your mobile phone is not near your computer or microphone as they can create a lot of interference. Go on treat yourself and switch it off for an hour!
  3. A strong wi-fi signal will improve the quality of the call.
  4. Stop downloading large files or watching youtube videos/facebook during the call. When you watch online videos or download files then there is little bandwidth left for skype and the quality of your call will go down.
  5. Make sure the room you are in is quiet - turn off the TV and radio etc. They may sound quite to you but your microphone will pick them up and amplify the signal so that it creates noise for everyone else.
  6. If you want to talk privately with other people in your room with you then hit the space bar to put yourself on mute. You will still hear the skype conference but they wont hear you.
  7. If unsure then do a skype test call first (https://support.skype.com/en-us/faq/FA265/How-can-I-make-a-test-call) or skype a friend to check everything is setup before the conference call.
  8. There will only be audio - no video so you won't need a webcam.

Posted by Mark Zaretti at 13:11

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