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Using Meditation to Gain Answers to Questions and Mental Clarity

Life is full of choices and questions and sometimes the choices are so important or so difficult to make that they can create mental anxiety and anguish. I started meditating regularly during my studies as a student back in the early 90's. It was a busy time and I personally found meditation a great way of sifting through the mental chatter to find meaningful answers. By using the stillness within meditation, I learned to access a more intuitive state of awareness.

Over the years I've taught a number of people this technique, and usually when they really need it. There was my friend who couldn't decide whether to renew his work contract or go for a new job. Using meditation to get him still he knew the answer within minutes. He literally described it being "so obvious, once he had a little bit of space to see it". He had been agonising over the choice for many weeks and it was making him feel sick, so you could imagine his relief!

So this is what I do:

  1. Define the question. It might be that I'm working on a creative media project and I've got a bit stuck and so I would like to "get a new idea". Or perhaps it's a choice like "what if I do X, rather than Y?" But finding the answer starts with being clear about the choice/question. If I need more clarity at this stage then I'll simply sit and meditate for about 5 minutes on deep breath techniques before even thinking about what the question is. Once I have it, I tend to write the question down on a piece of paper to "make it tangible".
  2. Become still. Whether you are a breath meditator, using a mantra or an advanced pure energy meditator, there is stillness to be had (or more precisely, "to be"). So after step 1, I will read the question once and then literally, "put it down" with the intention that I can let the question go and when I am still I will naturally access the answer. So at this stage I simply go into my meditation and become nice and still and become the space and stillness. The stiller you are the more intuitive you become.
  3. Neutrally observe the answer. One of the most amazing aspects of meditation, in relation to the personality, is that it gives us access to states beyond the lower "ego/personality", which is really the personality based on the physical, emotional and mental vehicles. From these higher states we are less biased and are more able to simply observe "what is" rather than "what we want". Sometimes I see the answer, sometimes I simply "know" the answer and other people describe these insights in other ways too. But sometimes the answer will come later which is why...
  4. Stay awake. I don't mean become an insomniac! what I mean is that after the meditation stay awake on the inside. The more we learn to stay awake and "coming from the stillness" during our everyday lives then the more awake we are to what is really happening. Many of the insights and realisations I've made about the "human condition" have been while awake in everyday life. I've also had many profound (to say the least) realisations and insights within meditation ;) but that's for another day!

When we are stiller and more awake in life then many of the things that seem like a big deal or hard to resolve seem to just disappear and melt away. The process I've described above is just one way of accessing intuition. One of the things that is really important is to have a clear intention. As energy literally follows thought. Just something to think about ;)

July 2016 - Update: I've recorded a 2 part video on this very subject so check out the links below to find out more:

Jan 2017 - Update: Free meditation ebook I have published a FREE eBook which you can get here. In this eBook I explain how you can get more in touch with your inner spiritual guidance, which makes it much easier to understand your purpose in life. This book explains all about your soul, your spirit, what happens when you die, what is your spirit guide, is there a reason for your life, and much more. This meditation book is free to download.

Posted by Mark Zaretti at 08:46

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