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The Benefits of Regular Meditation

Monday 25th January 2010

I've been teaching meditation for well over 10 years now and I've noticed some simple and obvious patterns that apply to everyone I've seen including myself. One of them is that:

"the more regular a person meditates, then the more they get from their meditation and the more it benefits them in their everyday life".

Maybe you've already noticed this too?

Now, being a busy person I can really appreciate that sometimes life throws obsticles in the way. And I certainly don't give myself a hard time if it's just not possible to meditate. I just look forward to the next meditate even more!

It seems it's a really subtle distinction between what is a genuine reason why one can't meditate as much as one would like as opposed to an excuse to miss it. And the reality is that only you can tell if it's a real reason or a convenient dodge. One of the most inspiring thoughts I've heard on this was from a good friend and long time meditator Dan, who said "When I don't want to meditate, that's when I sit down and meditate".

I really get what he was saying there. You see even when a person has transcended the mind, the personality, which is still there, is certainly not beyond the mind and so can still seem to "get in the way" or to put it better "gain your attention". So it's the attitude that a person fosters within their personality that can help then not get stuck in these unhelpful habits. By developing a good pattern of regular meditation then that pattern gains momentum.

I've known some delightful and naturally gifted meditators who, before they knew it had suddenly not really meditated for months or more because they "got caught up in life". It's always a real shame because it's like watching a light slowly turn down. Once they realise what has happened they start to get back into their meditation and rediscover the stillness and peace and all the other benefits. Sadly though they have lost time they will never get back and, within creation, time certainly is never on anyone's side.

So remember, if you want to then it's a great idea to keep your meditation regular. Like healthy exercise and having fun, the more you do then the better life gets.

Keep your light shining


Posted by Mark Zaretti at 11:40

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