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Meditation in a Group

Monday 3rd August 2009

I recently did a quick calculation and I rekon that I've done conservatively about 8,000 hours of meditation on Pure Energy... and one of the things that is really important to me is learning how to really get into the meditation as opposed to sitting on the cushion but stuck in the mind!

Well there's no single answer and it varies from time to time and also from one person to the next. What I have noticed though about the times when I (and those I teach) really get into their meditation is:

  • That you really want to be there
  • That you are present in the moment
  • That you are supported - now this includes being rested, comfortable and happy

I've also noticed that when people meditate together that they can get stiller and more focused. One reason for this is that if they are meditating with more advanced meditators who have access to greater levels of stillness, then they tend to "fall into this stillness" as one person put it. Another reason is feeling supported by the group and motivated by the people around you. It also helps when you get good advice.

As a teacher who works with people individually and in groups it's also a great experience and honor for me to have the chance to meditate with the people I am teaching. It allows me to be more intune with them and give them advice and guidance that is really relavent to where they are.


Posted by Mark Zaretti at 21:06

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