Plus Side of Spiritual Growth

Voice Recording: Plus Side of Spirituality & Limitless Growth, May 2020

Mark Zaretti Meditation book Author: The Six Virtues
WhatsApp voice recording


ABOUT: In 2020, Mark Zaretti left a voice message on a group WhatsApp in response to a specific question.

SOURCE: Download of WhatsApp audio message, uploaded to YouTube.

CREATOR: This was created by meditation teacher Mark Zaretti.

In 2020 Mark left a voice message on a WhatsApp group for a number of meditators in Africa. It was in response to a question one of them had asked. The audio from this voice message was found and made available as part of this archive.

The plus side of meditation
Below we share the voice message that was given to the group in Africa to help answer their question.

WhatsApp Voice Recording

The Question Paraphrased: “Is there a personal benefit to spirituality and a never ending growth?

The Complete WhatsApp QA Series

The recording below is a podcast based on this and the other WhatsApp archives.

The Way Back: Archive
The Way Back: Archive
#22 "The WhatsApp Podcast QA Mashup"
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