Love YouTube Video Series

Video Series: “Love – Hidden Knowledge”

We are really pleased to say that there is now a video series of 4 videos totalling 76 mins going into great detail about the hidden knowledge of love. These videos explore “what is love” in a profound and deep way.

Part 1: 24 mins – What is love

Discover what is love and whether it is different from unconditional love. find out about the different parts of you like chakras, aura, soul and spirit and how they are involved with love. Unlock the secret of the connection between love and attaining enlightenment.

Part 2: 24 mins – How is it sent

Learn the three different ways to send love and unconditional love to others. Beyond that discover the beautiful truth behind what happens when you are “in love” and how that lifts you and those you love up.

Part 3: 11 mins – How is it received

Find out what happens to you when you receive love from others. Beyond that understand how vital that is to your soul and your spiritual journey.

Part 4: 17 mins – Building up love energy

Work with the energies of love and unconditional love, discover how to bring these energies into yourself to uplift yourself and to help you develop personally.


Teacher Mark U n c o n d i t i o n a l – L O V E “One cannot talk honestly of a spiritual journey; of things like the spirit, the soul, truth and light, without always coming around to talk of unconditional love. It is the […]

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