The Love of God

The Love of God: the relationship between you, Love, Light and God

This article follows on from the previous articles discussing God, love and spirituality. It builds on those topics but importantly fills in the missing pieces explaining the importance of “the love of God“. You don’t have to look at those other articles first because you should find this article stands on its own.

Avoid the mistake many people make when they hear words like “God” because this is not about religion or beliefs. What you can experience for yourself has the most value. For this reason this video gives a practical and spiritual perspective to exploring the gift of God’s love. Therefore you are invited to go beyond belief and experience receiving God’s love and sending love back to him. Stay humble and becoming a more spiritual person, discovering your amazing potential at the same time.

The video above, which is also available as a podcast, discusses the following topics:

The spiritual journey of LIGHT: exploring how the energy of Light which comes from the source allows you to take your spirit to Unity/God.
Sending & receive LOVE to others: understanding the way love flows between people and even the planet, and that this is the love from God.
Can you receive Love directly?: Is there a difference between drawing love to you and receiving love from God directly? How can you tell?
What is the POWER of love? understanding how to use the gift of the love of God to bring about positive change in your life and in the world around you.
The highest demonstration of The Six Virtues: it is only with the clarity of the “big picture” that we can fully understand The Six Virtues properly.

Listen to “The Love of God” free Podcast

We appreciate that you can’t always watch a video which is why we have released this as a podcast. Now you can listen to this inspiring video when you are offline (download it) or busy out and about.

#21 “Spirituality, You and the Love of God”

The Way Back Meditation Podcast
The Way Back Meditation Podcast
#21 "Spirituality, You and the Love of God"

For those of you who find podcasts inspiring and want more simply visit our free MP3 podcast page. There you will find lots more podcasts on love, spirituality, and meditation.

The bigger picture of Love

When you listen to the podcast you will realise that I refer to a picture that I am drawing. So that you can have a clearer understanding I have provided this picture below:

The Love of God - the big picture
The picture depicting “The Love of God” which is referenced in the video and podcast above.
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