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Your Life Purpose: Understanding 9 spiritual truths about your life

It has been over two years since Mark channelled information about the true nature of human souls, which includes nine powerful insights which have the potential to stop racism within society. Beyond this the knowledge he has channelled about your soul also includes: what is a life-plan; where did your soul come from; what happened before you were born; and what happens at the end of your life? He has carefully recorded all of this information in a number of chapters in book #3 which is yet to be published.

But recent events and the #blacklivesmatter movement to stop racism have prompted a lot of Mark’s students from around the world to contact him expressing their concerns about racism asking for guidance and what they can do to help end racism in society.

Although the books are not intended to be published for some time Mark recognised that there was a need right now to make some of the as yet unpublished spiritual wisdom in them available. This spiritual knowledge has to be shared now because this new information about souls has the potentially to radically change people’s perception for the better.

No Black or white, only human souls - Mark Zaretti
There are no BLACK souls, there are no WHITE souls, there are only HUMAN souls

In this video blog Mark shares the 9 key spiritual insights and channelled information he has obtained as an enlightened person. What is refreshing is that this is not a social, political, cultural, moral or ethical discourse, it is a completely new and revolutionary spiritual perspective to help every human understand their life-plans and the bigger picture.

Subjects that are covered in the video above include explaining why there are no black or white souls, how the colour of your skin may actually vary between different incarnations into life. How your soul journey is dedicated to learning about love and how hardship and difficulty is an opportunity for you to develop personally and spiritually.

The video above explains the importance of love in your life and how integral love is to your soul and spiritual journeys. A great place to learn more about love is here.

What Mark says about this video:

Enlightened Meditation Teacher
It is our spiritual duty to help stop racism

Mark’s views on the video

When I started to channel information about the human soul for book #3 I uncovered nine key spiritual truths that completely transcend racism. If anyone knows these truths they would realise just how foolish racism is and how it harms all of us, including those doing it! But this video is about so much more speaks at the heart of a much bigger question: WHAT IS YOUR LIFE PURPOSE. I hope that people watch the video all the way through because each key is important and number 6 and 8 are likely to shock or surprise quite a few people, in a good way.

Below are links to the different keys in the video. We recommend that you watch the whole video so that you have a deeper understanding of all of the keys. These links below are to help you jump back to certain keys if you want to go over them again to help reinforce your understanding or to discuss them with others.

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