Spirituality and the Virtues

Spirituality and why I Wish I’d Known About the Six Virtues Sooner

One of our students interviewed me on the 13th of January 2020 and asked a number of questions about spirituality. It was the last question though that really got me: “What three things do you wish you had known at the beginning of your spiritual journey?

Wow! How to sum up over 38 years of meditation practice and 20+ years teaching spirituality? In the end it came down to three core things, which are so important I have decided to make three podcasts.

#1: Spirituality and The Virtues

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#18 “I Wish #1 I’d Known about The Virtues”

The Way Back Meditation Podcast
The Way Back Meditation Podcast
#18 "I Wish #1 I'd Known about The Virtues"

This podcast discusses the following:

You chose your life to help you learn and develop your soul. What this means is that as your soul develops you have the potential to become more spiritual.

Because of this understanding The Virtues help your soul develop and I discuss how each of The Virtues relates to your journey of spirituality. Some interesting facts you may pick up include learning how many lifetimes your soul will have; what the purpose of your soul is; and how it is a repeating journey of love.

I also discuss how it is that we need help in order to progress but some people hold themselves back. When try and do it all on our own are we really helping ourselves or are we rejecting ourselves? – I almost made this mistake too!

So What is Spirituality?

Learn how the soul journey is vital for the spiritual journey and how important it is to become spiritually awake. The podcast discusses “what is spirituality” in a practical way and how a lack of spirituality can really hold you back in your meditation.

Even initiated people often get stuck because they don’t understand what “spirituality” really is. It might surprise you to learn that spirituality has little to do with how long you sit in meditation!

Ultimately this podcast discusses “what is the best thing a person can do from day one on their journey” and how that might help you in your relationships, meditation and personal journey.

I wish you all the best.
With love

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