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Spiritual Maturity: Get more from your state

In this podcast meditation teacher and author Mark discusses the topic of spiritual maturity. Although like many it may be something you’ve not thought of before.

#25 “What is Spiritual Maturity and How do You Develop It?”

The Way Back Meditation Podcast
The Way Back Meditation Podcast
#25 "What is Spiritual Maturity and How do You Develop It?"

Mark explores the reason why many people fail to spiritually mature. More importantly though, Mark gives practical advice on how to put it right. Being mature spiritually means to blur the boundaries between your inner meditation world and everyday life. Hence it is a way of bringing inner stillness into everyday situations. The results can be profound!

An Empowering Spiritual Maturity Exercise

It is no surprise that becoming spiritually mature is empowering and one of the reasons it should not be overlooked. The questions is, how do you mature spiritually? Firstly Mark discusses this in detail. Secondly he provides a mini-guided exercise towards the end of the podcast, which is the best way to learn.

This is the 25th The Way Back podcast but you don’t need to have listened to the others in order to benefit from this one. In fact the subject of being mature from a spiritual perspective applies to everyone. If you are meditating on breath or just enjoying stillness and inner peace then you can benefit from this.

If you are already initiated into light and sound meditation including if you are Enlightened then this is all about “living your state“. It is so obvious and yet so easy to overlook. – Enjoy the process of becoming more spiritually mature.

A Recurring Theme

Update 1st October 2020: I have been busy today creating podcast #26 based on meditation training videos I made in June 2016. I realised that earlier work compliments this post on spiritual maturity.

In that podcast I encourage people to move out of a stressful mind-based state when they have an important decision to make. I guide them into inner stillness and show them how they can tap into their intuition. This is a wonderful demonstration of spiritual maturity in action. Therefore I have put this podcast here, to give you another perspective on developing spiritual maturity.

I then recalled an even earlier video/podcast discussing how to end a meditation. Yet again this is a demonstration of bringing the stillness on the inside into everyday life. Ergo developing spiritual maturity and so I share it here for you:

#04 “How to End Meditation to Bring More Love Into Your Life”

The Way Back Meditation Podcast
The Way Back Meditation Podcast
#04 "How to End Meditation to Bring More Love Into Your Life"
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