Love in your heart chakra

Send Love: Advice on Channelling Love: Start With YOURSELF

The following is information was channelled directly from the Spiritual Hierarchy about how to send love to others:

It is more important as meditators to begin by filling your hearts with love, than channelling love to the world. First fill your hearts with LOVE, then send love out to others.


Before you send love to others, start by bringing love into your heart centre.

If you are an initiate and have got access to the light energy then aim to do about two minutes. Second stage meditators need about one minute and for those who are enlightened it is less than a minute.

You do this by simply having the intention to bring love down and into your heart centre. Once you have filled your heart with love then you can channel or more accurately “send love” out to others.

When you have access to the Light and Sound you are not sending out the love you have within you. As initiates you are acting as a conduit to channel LOVE from higher spiritual dimensions out to others.

If you find it easier to “give” LOVE than to “receive” love then spend more time allowing your heart to fill with love, because this will help remove the blockages to being loved within you.

When you are full of love then you are more able to channel love to others so if you really want to help others then you must first help yourself.

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