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Ego, is it Blocking Your Soul Journey & Holding You Back in Meditation?

This article is about “ego” and how it holds your soul development back and makes it harder to meditate. This is part 2 and follows on from the podcast on spirituality and the Six Virtues. But before we jump straight into the subject of ego I recommend you stop, breath, and relax.

You see, as this podcast explains, it is better to be neutral and non-judgemental since “everyone has ego“. So this podcast is about understanding what is ego, where did it come from, and why does it exist?

Podcast #2: All About Ego

You can find all our free podcasts in one place on the meditation podcast page. But for those of you who want to jump straight in then listen or download the podcast here:

#19 “I Wish #2 I’d Known about The Ego”

The Way Back Meditation Podcast
The Way Back Meditation Podcast
#19 "I Wish #2 I'd Known about The Ego"

What’s in this podcast?

I explain how it is a natural consequence of the human condition. You’ll also learn about the interplay between your mind, soul, spirit and conscience. The bottom line is that a lack of harmony within causes negative energy to arise, which “feeds” it.

Discover how it can get in the way of your soul journey and importantly what to do about it. I’m passionate about this because it can damage your soul if it gets out of hand.

So what is the point of ego and is it always easy to spot it? Do good people have one? In what ways does it get in the way of meditation. What are the big mistakes people make that cause it to grow. Are others ever to blame or is blame itself part of the problem?

I share some insights from my own journey too and how I broke the cycle. This podcast was a small part of a much larger interview and so it can’t answer all the questions you might have on the subject, but it gives a good overview of the topic of ego, especially within the context of your soul’s development and your meditation.

I hope this inspires you and helps you.
With Love

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