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Voice Recording: Hearing a “ringing in ears” and Body Sensations during Meditation, March 2020

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ABOUT: In 2020, Mark Zaretti left a voice message on a group WhatsApp in response to a specific question.

SOURCE: Download of WhatsApp audio message, uploaded to YouTube.

CREATOR: This was created by meditation teacher Mark Zaretti.

In 2020 Mark left a voice message on a WhatsApp group for a number of meditators in Africa. It was in response to a question one of them had asked. The audio from this voice message was found and made available as part of this archive.

Hearing ringing in your ears
Below we share the voice message that was given to the group in Africa to help answer their question asked in one of the WhatsApp support groups.

WhatsApp Voice Recording: ringing in ears

Their question paraphrased: “What does it mean to hear a ringing sound in your ears and feel sensations during meditation?

Ringing in Ears: hearing a constant sound

Many people around the world are hearing a constant ringing in ears sound which is sometimes mistaken for tinnitus. In the short audio above I explain how there are lots of different inner sounds that people can hear naturally and that as a consequence of becoming more attuned to stillness in meditation people may start to hear these sounds. However these sounds are not spiritual and are not to be confused with the spiritual sound current that light and sound meditators can meditate on once they have been initiated.

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Body Sensations in Meditation

I also discuss how there are different body sensations that a person may experience within meditation, but that the goal of meditation is to go deeper into stillness and let go of the body altogether.

A Short extract from the video above

“… Greeting all the people in Ghana, interesting questions and when I answer them please remember that sometimes what is the answer for one person is not the answer for everyone. What you are asking about are things outside of meditation or things to do with the physical body within meditation.

What we must remember is that spiritual meditation has no body awareness; spiritual meditation has no awareness of inside and outside. When we really let go into light and sound then there is no lower vehicle awareness, no body, no mind.

So really this is a question about experiences in the lower parts of you, in your physical body, in the awareness of you mind and so on. But it is good questions. The first one, the sound you specifically were hearing was sound on the 3rd dimension, not in the physical realm, but the higher 3rd dimension. Not spiritual, but it shows you that you are becoming more sensitive…

To find out more, watch the video above and you can discover more about the higher light and sound energies under the section called “The LIGHT“.

The Complete WhatsApp QA Series

The following podcast is based on this and the other WhatsApp recordings brought together.

The Way Back Meditation Podcast
The Way Back Meditation Podcast
#22 "The WhatsApp Podcast QA Mashup"
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