Pure Energy Meditation

Pure Energy Meditation Website, Oct 2018

Pure Energy Meditation
Mark Zaretti’s Pure Energy Meditation Website 2007 – 2018


ABOUT: Throughout this website in some of the older articles and many of the videos you may find references to “Pure Energy Meditation”. This was the name Mark gave to his teachings and he worked as a freelance meditation teacher under that name for many years. In 2018 when he was asked to co-found The Way Back by the Spiritual Hierarchy he retired Pure Energy Meditation.

SOURCE: His personal archives. The website was publicly available from 2007 to 2018. Prior to 2007 he was teaching under “Making Changes Today” which was his company dedicated to teaching meditation (and also healing and working as a therapist).

CREATOR: Mark Zaretti.

The website ran from 2007 until 2018 when it was retired to focus on This article goes over the history of meditation teacher Mark Zaretti’s websites.

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Pure Energy Meditation

Below are some screenshots from the Pure Energy Meditation website:

Pure Energy Meditation

The video below was the promotional video Mark Zaretti filmed to promote the website. The video was placed on the website and is shared here as part of the archive.

Pure Energy is replaced with

Pure Energy Meditation

The image above was used in an online news article on 17th October 2018 to let people know that the website and brand was being replaced with The Way Back. You can find out more about the history of The Way Back here. Below you will see a much older version of the website, which was its second revamp.

Some of the blog articles from have been migrated into the news section of this new The Way Back meditation website, however the focus of The Way Back is much more about the Light and Sound energy and on the more advanced spiritual meditation, while still supporting beginners who wish to learn meditation.

Old - pure energy meditation came first

Prior to the website was the website and it was under the name of Making Changes Today that Mark first started running public meditation courses and classes:

The original logo/banner
Back in 2007 this was the image used to let people know that the website had moved over to become
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