Motorhomes and meditation

Motorhome & “The Mobile Meditator”, Aug 2020

Enlightened Meditation Teacher
Mark Zaretti’s “The Mobile Meditator” YouTube Channel and Facebook page about motorhome vanlife


ABOUT: Over the years I have had a number of campervans and a motorhome. Because I enjoy blogging and making videos I created a separate channel for that side of life. But in 2020 I decided to focus all my energy on The Way Back.

SOURCE: I brought together photos and videos from Marco Z the YoutTube channel; “The Mobile Meditator” facebook page and the legacy “” website.

CREATOR: Mark Zaretti.

One of my passions was travelling and having adventures in my motorhome and campervans. What has become known as “#vanlife” and it all started with my first VW Campervan shown below.

Mark Zaretti VW Campervan 2002
Me with “Jess” my bay window Devon Moonraker VW campervan, which I got from John at Kent Volkswagen. Shown here parked near my friend Dan’s house in Kent. Circa 2002.

Somewhere peaceful to meditate

During my lunch break I would go to my VW camper, pull the curtains closed and chill out in the back. This meant I could do a 30 minute meditate every lunchtime.

As a meditation teacher performing initiations having a campervan has really helped me visit and reach more people. For instance the motorhome has acted as an impromptu meditation centre, allowing people to meditate in peace and quiet.

The inside of my self-build motorhome 2016, Image from our Instagram.

The Motorhome as a Film Studio

I filmed a total of eight video blogs within my motorhome, which includes the series on love. Moreover I found the ambience within my Rapido 787f to be like being within a yacht, cosy and inspiring creativity. It was because of this warm character that it was a really nice place to film and to reflect. This really comes across in the following video:

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The Mobile Meditator

Consequently over time I made a number of videos about my travels and adventures in my motorhomes and campervans. This led to the “Marco Z” YouTube channel and in addition “The Mobile Meditator” facebook page. This YouTube channel had about 700 subscribers, and almost 200,000 views, testimony to the popularity of #vanlife!

The Mobile Meditator Facebook Page
Heading of “The Mobile Meditator” facebook page 2020

The End of “The Mobile Meditator”?

As I embraced my role as a spiritual meditation teacher I therefore focused my energy on The Way Back. To help this in August of 2020 I closed the Mobile Meditator facebook page and in addition the YouTube channel too.

The videos provided some meditation inspiration but above all brought a lot of entertainment and joy to many people. For this reason I migrated the videos to The Way Back channel so people could continue to benefit from them. Therefore I have added these videos to the archive to preserve them.

As you enjoy the videos shown above remember that:

People sat deep in meditation in the motorhome/campervans, allowing states of consciousness to be explored and realisations made.
Friendly guidance and support were given over a warm cup of coffee or tea. Sitting under the awning on a summers day, or inside when raining.
Many videos were filmed; blog articles created; and most of book 5 was written within my Rapido 787f motorhome. Did I mention coffee?

The greatest journey is the one we take on the inside for it leads to inner peace, love and compassion. I hope this article has inspired you on your own journey. – With Peace, Mark x

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